Live updates show Russian troops gaining ground near strategically important city in Ukraine.

Live updates show Russian troops gaining ground near strategically important city in Ukraine.

David Cameron, the new foreign secretary, has a meeting with Zelensky.

The Ukrainian military has fortified their position on the eastern front while Russian troops have made small advancements in their efforts to capture a crucial city on that front.

Russian forces, led by army chief Valery Gerasimov, who is known for his preference for aggressive vehicle-based attacks, have been trying to surround the city of Avdiivka in Donetsk Oblast.

Recently, Ukrainian drone operators shared footage that revealed Russian military forces had progressed approximately seven kilometers to the northwest of Avdiivka.

However, in the area directly west of Avdiivka, additional footage revealed a cluster of approximately 20 Russian armored vehicles that had been hit by Ukrainian counter battery fire.

The attack by Russian forces on the city in eastern Ukraine has resulted in significant losses for the attackers.

Last week, Ukrainian General Valery Zaluzhny stated that they suspected Russia had suffered the loss of more than 100 tanks and 250 armored vehicles in the last six weeks solely from their attack on Avdiivka.


Russian President Putin has reportedly granted clemency to two individuals who participated in the conflict in Ukraine and were convicted of cannibalism.

Denis Gorin, one of the men, was hired by a private military company through a contract with the Russian Ministry of Defense. However, he has a criminal record of three convictions for killing at least four individuals from 2003 to 2022.

According to Sibir Realii, a news source associated with Radio Free Europe, he was found guilty of consuming the bodies of his victims along with his sibling.

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The officials of NATO meet with representatives from Ukraine.

Ukraine recently met with NATO officials to address the implementation of alliance standards and bolster the capabilities of the Ukrainian military.

Ukrainian defence minister Rustem Umerov met with president of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly Michał Szczerba.

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Key findings from covert recordings of Russian troops in Ukraine reveal a grim fate for those trapped in the pit.

Covertly captured conversations of Russian soldiers communicating with their loved ones from the front lines in Ukraine provide a unique perspective on the war from a Russian standpoint.

During the second winter of the ongoing war in Ukraine, intercepted audio recordings from Russian soldiers reveal a increasing desire to leave the conflict. In their conversations, “200s” is used to refer to the deceased and “300s” to the wounded. The frequency of soldiers wanting to escape has become widespread enough that they also mention “500s” – individuals who refuse to participate in the fighting.

These discussions demonstrate the development of the war, starting with trained soldiers who led Vladimir Putin’s large-scale attack, to individuals from diverse backgrounds who were forced to participate in challenging circumstances.

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A person was wounded in a Ukrainian attack on Tula.

According to the governor of Tula, Alexei Dyumin, an individual was harmed when a drone that was intercepted struck an apartment complex.

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Six drones caused damage to buildings in Moscow.

Additional information is available regarding the recent drone attacks carried out by Ukraine on Russian territory overnight.

Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin reported that there was a “failed attempt at a large-scale drone attack”. He stated that several areas on the outskirts of the city were impacted, primarily in the southwest direction.

This morning, the Russian Ministry of Defense stated that they had eliminated four Ukrainian unmanned aircrafts in the Bryansk, Smolensk, and Tula regions.

Smolensk is located near the border of Belarus, to the north of Ukraine. Bryansk is situated 150 miles south, in the direction of Ukraine. Tula is 111 miles due south of Moscow.

The governor of the Moscow Region, Andrey Vorobyov, announced that the Podolsk district on the southern outskirts of Moscow and the Ramensky region to the southeast were also under attack. He reported that five drones were successfully taken down.

He stated that out of 3 incidents, there was damage to buildings on the ground, but thankfully, there were no fatalities or injuries.

According to Mr. Sobyanin, several regions in the southwest of Moscow were impacted, such as the Naro-Fominsk and Odintsovo urban districts.

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During an overnight attack, Ukraine claims to have shot down 8 Russian drones.

According to the air force, the Ukrainian military successfully eliminated eight out of nine attack drones that were launched by Russia overnight on Sunday.

No damage was reported immediately and there is no information about where the remaining drone hit.

The air force reported that the assault originated from the southeast, occurring the day after Ukrainian officials claimed it was the biggest drone attack by Russia during the war.

In recent weeks, Ukraine has issued a warning that Russia may potentially target vital infrastructure in a winter aerial attack, similar to what occurred last year.

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Former Nato leader cautions that the international focus should remain on Ukraine.

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Video captures Ukrainian attack on western Russia.

Video has captured the instance when Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles attacked multiple locations in western Russia, including the city of Moscow.

Unmanned aerial vehicles targeted the areas of Kaluga and Tula near the capital, as well as the neighboring city of Bryansk.

Within 24 hours, Russia launched a massive drone attack on Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, using 75 kamikaze UAVs made in Iran.

Despite the shooting down of 74 out of 75 Shahed drones, the attacks resulted in minimal damage. However, five individuals still had to be hospitalized.

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Ukraine launches a large-scale drone strike on Crimea while Russia attempts to seize a devastated city in the east.

Russian officials announced on Friday that Ukraine carried out a significant drone attack on the Crimean Peninsula, which has been annexed by Moscow, marking one of the largest attacks since the beginning of the full-scale war 21 months ago.

Meanwhile, authorities in Ukraine stated that the Russian military has intensified their prolonged and expensive effort to capture Avdiivka, a crucial city in eastern Ukraine.

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Kiev launches large-scale drone attack on Moscow.

The defense ministry of Ukraine reported on Sunday that drones were used to attack four regions in Russia.

After a major drone attack by Vladimir Putin in the early hours of Saturday, the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, was targeted.

Moscow officials stated that at least 20 drones were intercepted in the Russian capital. The targeted regions included Moscow, Tula, Kaluga, and Bryansk.

According to Alexei Dyumin, the governor of the region, a drone that was intercepted caused damage to an apartment building in Tula and left one person injured.

According to the Kommersant newspaper, flights at the main airports in Moscow were either delayed or cancelled as a result of the attacks.

According to the governor of the region, Alexei Dyumin, an individual was hurt in Tula after a drone that was intercepted struck an apartment building.

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