Live updates: Police have captured the suspect who was caught on surveillance video following a shooting incident at UNLV that resulted in fatalities. Police have apprehended the suspect seen on surveillance footage after a deadly shooting at UNLV. Stay tuned for live updates.

Live updates: Police have captured the suspect who was caught on surveillance video following a shooting incident at UNLV that resulted in fatalities.

Police have apprehended the suspect seen on surveillance footage after a deadly shooting at UNLV. Stay tuned for live updates.

According to authorities, the shooter at the Las Vegas campus sent letters containing a suspicious white substance to 22 different universities.

The Las Vegas police have shared recently released footage allegedly depicting the suspect, Anthony Polito, right after carrying out a shooting at the University of Nevada’s campus in Las Vegas.

A man is seen being apprehended by law enforcement outside the location where it is believed that Polito murdered three staff members and wounded another on Wednesday.

The video surfaced after investigators disclosed that Polito, age 67, possessed a “target list” – however, none of his purported victims were included on it.

It was reported that Polito sent 22 letters to different individuals at universities throughout the country without including a return address before the attack occurred.

The LVMPD reported that the initial letter received by investigators contained an unspecified white substance and advised individuals who had received similar mail to notify authorities.

The police have verified that Polito was a professor at a college and had applied for a position at UNLV, but was not hired.

The two individuals who were tragically killed in the shooting have been named as professor Cha Jan Chang, aged 64 and also known by the nickname “Jerry,” and assistant professor Patricia Navarro Velez, aged 39, from Las Vegas.


UNLV’s winter graduation ceremony will still take place as originally scheduled.

Keith Whitfield, the president of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, announced that the winter graduation ceremonies will still take place as scheduled on December 19 and 20, despite the recent shooting incident.

According to Mr. Whitfield, he has received feedback from both students and parents, and a recurring theme was the need to come together following the tragedy on Wednesday.

The significant occasion of graduation is the most noteworthy day on the university schedule, and even in challenging times like these, it is important for us to acknowledge and honor our graduates’ academic accomplishments.

The events of this week have affected us all in unique ways. If you are able to join the winter graduation ceremony, but choose not to, you will still have the opportunity to fully participate in the commencement ceremonies in May 2024.

“We are confident that these choices regarding final exams and graduation ceremonies offer options for both students and faculty, and present the most suitable course of action for our university.”

Mr. Whitfield expressed his gratitude to the students, faculty, and staff in a statement on the UNLV website.

“Your strength in the face of almost insurmountable challenges never fails to impress me. In the few days since Wednesday’s incident, I have spoken with some of you to listen and understand, and I recognize the pain, fear, and anxiety that many are currently experiencing. I am also feeling it.”

Mike Bedigan8 December 2023 19:30

All final exams that were originally scheduled to take place in person at UNLV have been cancelled.

The president of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Keith Whitfield, has announced that all final exams that were supposed to take place on campus have been cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns.

Before the unfortunate events on Wednesday, the exams were planned to occur next week.

“We are offering flexibility to both faculty and instructors, as well as students, to ensure a successful end to this semester,” stated Mr. Whitfield.

Students will receive their final grades at the end of the semester, which will be determined by their completed work before December 6. However, certain faculty members may choose to provide an optional final exam or take-home project before December 18, giving students a chance to potentially improve their grade.

Mike Bedigan8 December 2023 19:04

Uncovered: UNLV assailant’s fixation on Las Vegas and evaluations from students

Martha McHardy is the one who knows all the details of the story.

Mike Bedigan8 December 2023 18:50

A female student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas reported feeling targeted by the shooter.

A female student, who was a student of the UNLV attacker Anthony Polito, shared that she felt victimized while attending a class led by the university professor in her final year in 2012.

The unidentified woman told NBC that their mentor-mentee dynamic evolved into the man pursuing her in a manner that made her feel uneasy.

“I originally presented my résumé, cover letters, and other materials for him to review, but it gradually became clear that there were ulterior motives,” she explained to the media outlet.

The female individual stated that Polito would make an effort to communicate with her on a daily basis throughout the entire semester via email and text messages. She also mentioned that Polito gave her gifts and eventually extended an invitation for her to visit Las Vegas.

“I realized I needed to end things with him because he misunderstood our relationship,” she recalled, mentioning that she was in her early 20s at the time and that Polito was not only her professor but also significantly older than her.

She expressed that she felt like a target.

According to the woman, she informed NBC that Polito did not behave inappropriately towards her or exhibit any negative behavior after she stopped communicating with him. She had not considered reporting him as he was highly regarded on campus.

“It was incredibly strange,” she stated, expressing her shock at the news of Polito being accused of the shooting that occurred on Wednesday.

Mike Bedigan8 December 2023 18:18

What occurred during the UNLV shooting?

According to Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department chief Kevin McMahill, Anthony Polito was carrying a handgun and a supply of ammunition when he reportedly opened fire on four staff members at approximately 11:45am on Wednesday at the University of Nevada’s Beam Hall. The hall is home to the Lee Business School.

According to UNLV Police Chief Adam Garcia, he initially discharged his weapon on the fourth floor of the building before proceeding to other floors.

A notification was sent to students, staff, and faculty about an “active shooter” situation. Both on- and off-duty police officers quickly arrived at Beam Hall where they encountered Polito carrying a handgun. A confrontation occurred resulting in the 67-year-old being fatally shot by the police.

According to authorities, a man, whose name has not been disclosed but is known to be 38 years old and a visiting professor, is currently hospitalized and in stable condition.

The warning for an active shooter was canceled and a confirmation of safety was announced approximately 40 minutes following the initial reports of gunshots.

During a press conference that followed, Sheriff McMahill stated that there was no ongoing danger to the community.

Martha Mchardy8 December 2023 18:00

LeBron James responded to the UNLV shooting and expressed frustration over the lack of action on gun control, calling it “ridiculous.”

LeBron responds to the UNLV shooting, denouncing the lack of action on gun control as ‘absurd’.
Martha Mchardy8 December 2023 17:30

Newest images of University of Nevada, Las Vegas following the fatal shooting which resulted in the death of three individuals.

<p>A shattered door is viewed at the student union building the morning after a shooting left three dead at the University of Nevada</p>


The following morning, a broken door was observed at the student union building where three individuals were killed in a shooting at the University of Nevada Reno.

<p>Flowers rest against a UNLV campus sign after a December 6 shooting left three dead</p>

After a shooting on December 6 that resulted in three deaths, flowers were placed against a sign on the UNLV campus.

<p>Police officers keep watch near the scene outside Frank and Estella Beam Hall, where the UNLV Lee Business School is located</p>


Law enforcement officials are monitoring the area surrounding Frank and Estella Beam Hall, which houses the UNLV Lee Business School.

Martha Mchardy8 December 2023 17:00

Who were the victims of the shooting at UNLV?

A shooting on the campus of University of Nevada’s Las Vegas has resulted in the deaths of three individuals.

Patricia Navarro-Velez, an assistant professor of accounting who was 39 years old, is one of the deceased. Another victim is Dr. Cha Jan Chang, who was 64 years old.

The Clark County coroner stated that both individuals passed away due to a gunshot wound to the head.

Ms. Navarro-Velez became a member of UNLV five years back after obtaining her PhD in accounting from the University of Central Florida. She also holds an MAcc from Bowling Green State University and a BBA in accounting from the University of Puerto Rico, Ponce.

<p>Patricia Navarro-Velez</p>

Patricia Navarro-Velez

<p>Dr Ch Jan ‘Jerry’ Chang</p>

Dr Ch Jan ‘Jerry’ Chang

College president Kevin Whitfield stated that Dr. Chang had been a dedicated teacher of management information systems for over two decades, impacting a generation of students at UNLV Lee Business School.

The police have not yet identified the third victim, who is suspected to be a faculty member.

Police reported that a visiting professor, identified as a 38-year-old male, was the fourth person injured in the attack. The individual is currently in stable condition and receiving treatment at a hospital.

It is uncertain if the victims and the shooter had any connection or if they were specifically chosen as targets in the mass shooting.

Martha Mchardy8 December 2023 16:30

After the shooting, students at UNLV no longer feel secure on campus.

UNLV students have told of their horror after a gunman killed three people on campus and injured a fourth.

According to authorities, a 67-year-old college professor, whose identity has not been disclosed, fired shots at students inside Beam Hall, which houses the Lee Business School at the college.

Shainna Alipon, a student in the field of journalism, informed ABC7 that she heard the sound of gunshots coming from the adjacent Student Union Building.

She explained that as they were descending the stairs in the building, they heard additional gunshots. She expressed concern that the shooter might enter the building they were in.

“My editor-in-chief reminded me to stay focused and suggested using my phone to record the events as we are press members. I quickly realized he was right and began taking more videos and talking to others to check on their well-being and gather information. It was a moment of realization that I am a journalist and this is my responsibility.” Ms Alipon shared.

Tinio, a resident of Hercules, California, expressed concerns to ABC about feeling unsafe on campus.

He expressed concerns about his safety, stating that finals are scheduled for next week and are expected to be conducted in-person.

The thought of the future approaching fills me with fear, as it draws nearer to me and my loved ones.

Martha Mchardy8 December 2023 15:30

Before the shooting, the individual responsible for the shooting at UNLV was experiencing financial difficulties.

Anthony Polito, age 67, was identified by law enforcement as the perpetrator on Thursday in the shooting that ultimately resulted in his own death.

According to authorities, Polito had previously attempted to obtain a position as a college professor at UNLV, but was not successful before carrying out the violent attack.

At the time of the shooting, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department chief Kevin McMahill stated that Polito was faced with financial struggles. This was shown by an eviction notice posted on his door when law enforcement conducted a search.

Martha Mchardy8 December 2023 14:21