Lauren Boebert rival releases ad filmed in Beetlejuice theater she was kicked out of

Lauren Boebert rival releases ad filmed in Beetlejuice theater she was kicked out of

Colorado Republican Rep Lauren Boebert’s Democratic rival posted a hilarious new ad speaking from the lawmaker’s seat during her scandalous Beetlejuice outing last fall.

Democratic Congressional hopeful John Padora sat in a maroon movie theater chair, saying in his new ad: “I’m sitting in the very same seat Lauren Boebert got kicked out of. The same way she got kicked out of Colorado’s 3rd Congressional district.”

Boebert was booted from a Denver theater in September during a production of the musical Beetlejuice last September after vaping, singing, taking flash photos, and groping her date in the dark venue.

“Now she’s picked up her bags and fled to eastern Colorado to run in the 4th Congressional district. That’s a race I’ve been running since May of 2023,” Padora continued. Hopefuls are vying for retired Republican Ken Buck’s old seat.

The GOP firebrand announced in December that she planned to run in a different district. The switch came after a series of embarrassing public incidents and a narrow victory over a Democrat competitor in her home district in 2022.

“Boebert’s an opportunistic carpetbagger and we deserve real leadership here in Colorado’s 4th,” he said, before asking supporters for donations.

Padora’s ad, released days before the Colorado primary races on June 25, highlights how the Beetlejuice incident still plagues the embattled GOP incumbent.

In May, Boebert was welcomed by chants of “Beetlejuice” when she visited George Washington University’s campus amid pro-Gaza protests.

Boebert at the infamous Beetlejuice showing (NBC)

More recently, during a Republican debate, a moderator pressed Boebert about the “theater thing.” Boebert defended that she had already “owned up to my night out in Denver and had gone on a “public apology tour…but I’m not going to continue to live life in shame and be beat up by this.”

Although at first Boebert denied the incident took place, she later apologized after video surveillance was released.