Kamala Harris was criticized for applauding in sync with demonstrators’ song.

Kamala Harris was criticized for applauding in sync with demonstrators' song.

Kamala Harris has received backlash on social media for clapping along to a protest song, only to awkwardly realize that the song was actually protesting against her.

On Friday, the vice president traveled to Puerto Rico to showcase the efforts of the Biden administration in helping the country recover and revitalize itself.

On her trip, she made a stop at the Goyoco community center located in the Santurce area of San Juan.

During the video of her trip to the community center, Ms. Harris can be observed cheerfully clapping and smiling while a group of Puerto Rican demonstrators played drums and sang in their native language.

Unfortunately, Ms. Harris’ joyful demeanor quickly dissipated when her assistant notified her of the content of their singing.

“What reason did you have for coming here, Kamala? We’re curious to hear your thoughts on the colony,” chanted the demonstrators, also proclaiming “Long live Free Palestine and Haiti.”

Ms. Harris immediately ceased clapping, brought her hands down, and adopted a more solemn expression as the song carried on.

Kamala Harris, Vice President, and Frankie Miranda, president of the Hispanic Federation, express approval while visiting San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The blunder made by the vice president was heavily criticized on social media. One user, identified as X, even went as far as calling her a “clown”.

They stated that Harris could potentially be the most unintelligent Vice President in our country’s history.

Someone else wrote, “She is a parody of herself.”

“This behavior is uncharacteristically low, especially coming from her. It is also quite embarrassing and reflects poorly on our country,” a third individual stated.

Kamala Harris appeared joyfully applauding and grinning while Puerto Rican demonstrators sang.

According to Fox News, while in San Juan, Ms. Harris met with community leaders and center workers, despite facing protests during her visit.

Prior to heading to the community center, Ms. Harris toured a residential dwelling located in San Juan that was impacted by Hurricane Maria but has now been equipped with solar panels and water tanks via a government initiative.

“We must provide the community and talent in this area with the necessary capacity and resources. President Joe Biden and I have been deliberate in our efforts to support the leaders, people, and families of Puerto Rico. To date, our administration has allocated over $140 billion to Puerto Rico,” stated Ms. Harris during her visit.

Protesters gather outside the location where Vice President Kamala Harris is engaged in a meeting, in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

She arrived during a time when Democrats are striving to increase their efforts in reaching out to Latino voters in preparation for the 2024 election.

Polling data from late February revealed that President Joe Biden’s approval rating among Hispanics has fallen by 12 percentage points since 2020, from 65% to 53%, as reported by CBS News. This marks the largest decline in his support within the demographic groups that were surveyed.

Resident Puerto Ricans cannot participate in the general election due to their status as a US territory instead of a state. However, in November, they will have the opportunity to submit a symbolic vote for the first time.

According to Julio Ricardo Varela, the founder of Latino Rebels, people living in Puerto Rico have citizenship but lack political influence in the federal system. He made this statement prior to Ms. Harris’ visit.

There are many individuals in Puerto Rico who desire to be included in the federal system, but there is also a group that opposes joining.

Source: independent.co.uk