Israel is on heightened readiness along the Lebanon border due to the first Gaza speech by Hezbollah leader.

Israel is on heightened readiness along the Lebanon border due to the first Gaza speech by Hezbollah leader.

A British citizen currently in Gaza shares a harrowing account of the chaotic situation at the Rafah crossing.

The head of Hezbollah stated that the recent Hamas attack on Israel had a major impact and that the conflict between Hamas and Israel has expanded to multiple fronts. This is the first statement from the leader of the Iran-backed organization following weeks of clashes with Israeli forces along the border.

The Israeli military recently shared video footage of their bombing operation on the Hamas tunnel network while military leaders reported that their forces were currently involved in a challenging battle in urban areas.

A complex network of underground passages runs beneath the heavily populated Gaza strip, concealing Hamas militants, their supply of rockets, and more than 200 individuals who were taken hostage during a historic attack on Israel on October 7.

Antony Blinken, the US Secretary of State, has emphasized the importance of safeguarding civilian lives in Gaza.

According to the health ministry in Gaza, under Hamas control, a minimum of 9,227 Palestinians were fatally hit by Israeli attacks in Gaza since October 7, with 3,826 of those victims being children. This information was reported on Friday.

The number of reported deaths has increased from 9,061 yesterday to 166 in the past 24 hours.


The leader of Hezbollah speaks publicly for the first time since the attack by Hamas.

The leader of Hezbollah stated in his recent speech that the conflict between Israel and Hamas has expanded to multiple fronts. This was his first address since the October 7 assault. Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah emphasized that the attack initiated by Hamas was solely a Palestinian effort.

Hezbollah, supported by Iran, is a strong military presence that has been involved in conflicts with Israeli forces along the Lebanon-Israel border, marking the most deadly escalation since their war in 2006.

Nasrallah expressed gratitude to organizations in Yemen and Iraq, which make up the “Axis of Resistance”. This coalition consists of Shia Muslim militias from Iraq who have been attacking US troops in Syria and Iraq, as well as Yemen’s Houthis, who have also joined the conflict by using drones to target Israel.

He stated that the Hamas assault caused a seismic impact in Israel, revealing the nation’s vulnerability.

Chris Stevenson3 November 2023 13:58

Several individuals were reportedly killed when Israeli forces attacked an ambulance convoy heading towards the southern region.

The Israeli military announced on Friday that they are investigating a report from the health ministry in Gaza, controlled by Hamas, claiming that many Palestinians were injured or killed in an Israeli attack on an ambulance convoy transporting critically injured individuals in the southern region.

Earlier, the spokesperson for the health ministry, Ashraf Al-Qudra, requested that the Red Cross provide protection for the convoy.

He stated that they would be sending severely wounded Palestinians from Gaza City and the northern areas to the southern regions for urgent treatment in Egypt.

Barney Davis3 November 2023 15:17

Netanyahu rejects a ceasefire, which the US has requested as a crucial step.

The leader of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, has informed the United States that he will not accept a ceasefire unless it includes the “release of our hostages.”

During a short appearance on television following his meeting with Antony Blinken, he also declares that Israel will prevent the delivery of fuel to Gaza.

Netanyahu starts off by ensuring that the triumph will be “precise and evident” and will have a lasting impact for generations to come.

He claims that Israel’s adversaries have the intention of annihilating the nation, but their attempts will be unsuccessful.

He affirms that our goal is to achieve victory, which entails eliminating Hamas, recovering the hostages, and ensuring the safety of our citizens and children.

Barney Davis3 November 2023 15:03

The United States has declared that the conflict between Hamas and Israel will not escalate into a second or third front, according to Blinken.

The US Secretary of State affirms that the US is resolute in preventing a second or third conflict in the ongoing war between Hamas and Israel.

“In regards to Lebanon, Hezbollah, and Iran, we have consistently stated that we are committed to preventing a second or third front from being opened in this conflict,” said Antony Blinken during a press conference in Tel Aviv when asked about the possibility of the US using military force in the region.

Blinken emphasized the need for further efforts to safeguard the well-being of Palestinian civilians in Gaza, stating that without such measures, there can be no prospects for peace. He also stressed the urgency of increasing sustainable humanitarian aid to Gaza. He highlighted the importance of working towards a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict, stating that it is crucial for ensuring the safety and democracy of both Israel and Palestine. Blinken arrived in Tel Aviv on Friday for his third visit to Israel since the conflict began with Hamas’ invasion on October 7. He will also travel to Jordan and potentially other locations in the region before heading to Asia early next week.

Barney Davis3 November 2023 14:48

The leader of Hezbollah asserts that his soldiers have been dividing the Israeli military.

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, leader of Hezbollah, asserts that despite appearing modest, the actions of his pro-Iranian group against Israel on the Lebanese border hold great significance.

According to a televised speech by Nasrallah, Hezbollah’s actions have been increasing steadily, causing Israel to keep its troops near the border with Lebanon rather than in the Gaza Strip or the occupied West Bank.

He stated that his troops were ready for potential attacks from a US warship and had a variety of options available.

In a televised address, Nasrallah stated that the ongoing conflict on the Lebanon-Israel border would not be contained to its current level.

Hezbollah claimed to have launched 19 simultaneous strikes on Israeli army positions and used explosive drones for the first time.

Barney Davis3 November 2023 14:32

Blinken asserts that the United States recognizes the significance of a humanitarian ceasefire.

As the Hezbollah leader delivered a speech, the US secretary of state, Antony Blinken, was also addressing the situation. He emphasized the need for additional measures to safeguard Palestinian civilians in Gaza, warning that without such efforts, there will be no potential for achieving peace. He further urged Israel to increase its support for humanitarian aid in the besieged region. The secretary stated that the US believes temporary pauses in fighting can serve as a crucial method for protecting civilians while allowing Israel to defeat Hamas. This issue was a significant topic of conversation during his meetings with Israeli leaders on Friday.

During a press conference in Tel Aviv, Mr. Blinken stated that implementing humanitarian breaks would facilitate the delivery of aid to Gaza and aid in the efforts to release hostages. However, he mentioned that the specific logistics of this plan still need to be finalized.

Chris Stevenson3 November 2023 14:11

Additional statements from the leader of Hezbollah, Nasrallah.

It is likely that Nasrallah’s words will provoke Israel. He has cautioned against losing focus on two immediate objectives in the region: ending the conflict in Gaza and supporting the “resistance” in Gaza, which includes Hamas, to achieve victory.

According to him, Arab and Muslim countries should do everything in their power to stop the war. He also suggested that they should stop sending oil and food to Israel.

Chris Stevenson3 November 2023 14:01


A group of ambulances will try to pass through the Gaza border.

The health department of Gaza has announced that at 4pm, they will begin a procession of injured individuals in ambulances from the northern region to the southern region of Gaza along the coast. They have also requested for the ICRC to join them.

The Ministry of Health issued an urgent plea stating that due to the large number of severe and critical injuries from the Israeli attack, the Al-Shifa Medical Complex is unable to handle the capacity and needs these patients to be transferred to hospitals in Egypt. However, the Israeli occupation is preventing their arrival by blocking roads and attacking ambulances in the southern Gaza Strip.

The ICRC was requested to assist in ensuring the safety of injured individuals as they were transported south along Al-Rashid Street.

The request was made for the ICRC to meet them via the sea route at 4 PM on Friday. This will align with the return of ambulances that have been held in the southern Gaza Strip and are unable to move due to being targeted by the Israeli occupation, along with other humanitarian workers.

Bel Trew3 November 2023 13:30

Israel cautions Hezbollah against jeopardizing its future for the sake of Hamas, following a significant address by its leader.

The government of Israel has cautioned Lebanon against jeopardizing their future for the sake of Hamas. This warning comes before a highly anticipated speech by the leader of Hezbollah, a militant group supported by Iran.

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah is set to make his first public comments since Israel began bombing Gaza, in retaliation for the deadly attack by Hamas on the south of the country on 7 October. Hezbollah is part of what Iran calls the “Axis of Resistance” alongside Hamas.

Israel is concerned that the upcoming speech, scheduled for 3pm local time, will result in the powerful Iran-backed force declaring the beginning of a full-scale regional war or a significant increase in attacks along its northern border.

Bel Trew3 November 2023 12:48

Thai authorities are negotiating with Hamas for the liberation of 23 individuals being held captive.

At least twenty-three citizens of Thailand were among the 240 individuals who were held captive by Hamas militants after they escaped from Gaza on October 7th and carried out a violent attack on communities in southwestern Israel. In response, Israel aggressively bombed the area and eventually launched an invasion.

On October 26th, Areepen Uttarasin, an experienced Thai politician and former education minister, stated that he visited the city of Tehran in Iran and had a meeting with high-ranking members of Hamas that lasted more than two hours.

Areepen informed Reuters that the Thai hostages are safe and in a comfortable living situation. He did not reveal the names of the Hamas officials he met with. He stated that his purpose was solely to request the release of the hostages, not to negotiate.

Barney Davis3 November 2023 12:33