Inside the nude cruise due to set sail from Miami in 2025

Inside the nude cruise due to set sail from Miami in 2025

A specialist tour and travel company has partnered with Norwegian Cruise Line to launch a new nudist cruise to the Caribbean.

Bare Necessities, a nudist travel company that aims to “break down the barriers against social nudity and make clothing-optional vacationing a viable and acceptable option”, has teamed up with the well-known cruise operator to set up the 11-day trip, which leaves from Miami and takes in destinations including The Bahamas, St Lucia, Dominica and Puerto Rico.

The cruise, which will take place on Norwegian’s 295-foot 2,300-person capacity Norwegian Pearl, will set sail on 3 February 2025 and return on 14 February.

Prices start at $2,000 (£1,592) per person for a standard two-person cabin, rising to $33,155 (£26,400) for a three-person ‘garden villa’.

The trip is marketed as “an 11-Day adventure back to Bare-adise”, offering “a wide range of amenities to fit everyone’s style of bare cruising”. The Norwegian Pearl contains “loads of entertainment, lots of open deck space, and multiple dining options”, including 14 restaurants, 14 bars and “a large buffet area for nude outdoor dining”, in addition to a casino, spa and several “nightspots”.

“As always, it’s our pleasure to provide you with the luxury of deciding what NOT to wear”, reads a final message on the information page.

However, it isn’t an entirely clothing-free experience. Cruise rules require passengers to be clothed during the Captain’s reception and introduction, while docked in port, and at all times in the main and specialty dining rooms.

Other rules include putting a towel down before sitting “in the stateroom, pool deck, and buffet area”, as well as a ban on “being nude in front of other ships in port” and “fondling or inappropriate touching”. A message on the site urges passengers to “use common sense”, emphasising that proper cruise etiquette “is not any different from proper etiquette in any other social situation”.

In a statement to CNN, a Bare Necessities spokesperson said: “Our mission is to provide relaxing, entertaining and health-conscious vacation opportunities that offer non-threatening, natural environments where the appreciation, wonder and compatibility of nature and the unadorned human form can occur.”

The Independent has contacted Bare Necessities for comment.