Hunt cuts national insurance but tax burden set to hit post-war high – live

Hunt cuts national insurance but tax burden set to hit post-war high - live

The main points from Jeremy Hunt’s statement on the Autumn budget for 2023.

Jeremy Hunt reduced national insurance for 27 million employees while announcing an autumn statement that he asserted would increase employment for tens of thousands of individuals.

The Chancellor announced a decrease of two percentage points, which would result in savings of over £450 for someone with a salary of £35,000.

However, many employees will experience financial difficulties as the tax burden continues to rise to a historic level, resulting in the Treasury collecting £200 billion due to unaltered starting thresholds.

In anticipation of next year’s election, the national insurance reduction will be quickly passed in Parliament in order to improve Rishi Sunak’s likelihood of success.

The Office for Budget Responsibility has greatly revised its growth predictions, anticipating a growth rate of only 0.6% for this year and 0.7% for the following year.

Mr Hunt increased the National Living Wage to £11.44 per hour, maintained the pensions triple lock, and promised a 6.7% increase in in-work benefits.

The Labour party claimed that economic growth had come to a halt under the leadership of the Conservatives.

Activists criticized the government for treating individuals with disabilities as if their conditions were a choice. This was in response to the government’s decision to restrict benefits for those with physical or mental challenges, unless they are able to work remotely.


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Matt Mathers22 November 2023 09:16

Hunt cautioned that predictions have the potential to decrease, just as they can increase.

Jeremy Hunt received a caution that economic predictions can fluctuate in either direction, following the release of official data indicating that the UK’s borrowing was lower than anticipated.

The Office for National Statistics reported that the government borrowed £98.3 billion between April and October, which is approximately £22 billion more than the previous year but about £17 billion less than what was predicted by the OBR.

The chancellor has been given some “fiscal headroom” to spend in today’s statement.

The Institute for Government cautions that there is a possibility the OBR may be too optimistic given the current uncertain global economic climate.

According to a blog post by senior fellow Jill Rutter at the think tank, the OBR has frequently uncovered extra funds that chancellors are eager to spend. These impulsive chancellors are often unable to resist immediately using any surplus that becomes available.

“There is a risk: that the OBR is overoptimistic at a time when the world economic outlook is very uncertain. Hunt’s final risk is that lower (though still miles above target) inflation is less baked in than he and the prime minister hope.

The rate of inflation in November was lower than expected, however, it remains highly susceptible to fluctuations in global energy prices.

Matt Mathers22 November 2023 09:32

According to IfG, the recent “briefing frenzy” highlights the need for the UK to return to having one budget per year.

The Institute for Government (IfG) has stated that the UK should return to having a single annual Budget, as evidenced by the intense media coverage leading up to today’s autumn statement.

The majority of the significant declarations in the current statement have already been disclosed in news articles.

In a recent blog post, Jill Rutter, a senior fellow at IfG, discusses a recent episode of the podcast hosted by Ed Balls and George Osborne. They expressed their frustration with the current practice, also supported by IfG, of having only one major fiscal event per year, which is not the standard in most other countries.

“They claim that officials who desire a peaceful existence are attempting to prevent a chancellor from controlling the political agenda by reducing his chances to monopolize television airtime and garner media attention.”

The upcoming autumn statement is being promoted as yet another opportunity for a reset in a season full of resets.

Rishi Sunak and Jeremy Hunt now have the chance to announce a turning point in the economy. They can use the extra budget room from higher inflation and the choice to keep tax allowances and potentially public service budgets at current levels.

Matt Mathers22 November 2023 09:49

What reductions in taxes can we anticipate, and will they pose challenges for the Labour party?

Sean O’Grady reports that Jeremy Hunt and Rishi Sunak have been hinting at tax cuts in the autumn statement on Wednesday. Additionally, it appears that there will be changes to benefits in order to encourage individuals to rejoin the workforce.

There has been a noticeable shift in attitude recently, which government officials view as a potential indication of a shift in both political and economic circumstances.

What reductions in taxes can we anticipate, and will they have an impact on Labour’s significant lead in the polls? To find out, read Sean’s complete article below.

Matt Mathers22 November 2023 10:00

Article: The Ineffectiveness of the Chancellor’s “Return to Work” Strategy

There are valid justifications for the chancellor’s efforts to increase employment rates, particularly for individuals with chronic illnesses and disabilities.

However, his last autumn statement before the upcoming election is not focused on supporting our most susceptible individuals – it’s solely focused on political gain.

Please refer to the complete editorial by following this link:

The proposed ‘back to work’ plans by the chancellor are unlikely to be effective.

Opinion Piece: The chancellor has a valid purpose for increasing the number of individuals, especially those with chronic illnesses and disabilities, in the workforce. However, his last autumn statement before the upcoming election is not focused on empowering our most vulnerable individuals, but rather on political tactics.

Matt Mathers22 November 2023 10:24

Hunt headed towards the House of Commons.

Jeremy Hunt departed from Downing Street and is currently en route to the House of Commons to present his autumn statement.

The Budget will be presented by the chancellor after PMQs at approximately 12:40pm.

He is anticipated to lower taxes, raise the national minimum wage, and revamp pensions.

Last night, the chancellor released a video on social media previewing the statement. In the video, he mentioned that the statement contains “110 various actions to boost the British economy.”

The chancellor stated that he is contemplating his own company, which he established more than 30 years ago.

I aspire to assist numerous individuals in achieving what I have accomplished, and I believe that today will have a significant impact.

Matt Mathers22 November 2023 10:35

It is the opportune moment for Jeremy Hunt to save the struggling high street.

According to James Moore, the current cost of living crisis is causing significant challenges for shops, surpassing any difficulties they have faced since the start of the pandemic.

However, reducing business taxes in the autumn statement could prevent more businesses from failing as we determine our goals for the commercial district.

Please refer to the complete report by James for further details.

The opportune moment for Jeremy Hunt to save the retail industry has arrived.


According to James Moore, the current cost of living crisis is creating difficulties for shops that are greater than any other time since the pandemic. However, implementing a reduction in business rates during the autumn statement could prevent more businesses from closing while we determine what we want from the retail sector.

Matt Mathers22 November 2023 10:40

In case you missed it: Hunt is giving an ultimatum to individuals with disabilities – work from home or risk losing your benefits.

Matt Mathers22 November 2023 10:41

What happens now?

We have seen the posts on social media, the press conferences, and the usual image of the chancellor exiting 11 Downing Street.

What will occur next? The cabinet convened this morning to approve the statement, and the rest of us are now anticipating what it contains that has not yet been disclosed.

As per usual, Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer will engage in PMQs at 12pm, where the focus is expected to be primarily on the economy.

At 12:30 to 12:40pm, Jeremy Hunt will present his statement from the dispatch box.

Matt Mathers22 November 2023 10:57

Hunt stated that the measures would have a significant impact on entrepreneurs.

According to Adam Forrest, Jeremy Hunt expressed his optimism that the measures outlined in the autumn statement would have a significant impact on entrepreneurs.

In a video posted on social media, the chancellor mentioned, “I am reflecting on my own business that I established more than 30 years ago.”

I desire to assist numerous individuals in achieving what I have accomplished, and I am optimistic that today will have a significant impact.

Jeremy Hunt is anticipating that the autumn statement will have a significant impact.

Matt Mathers22 November 2023 11:10