How E2E Profit 100 partner Experian improved access to essential services

How E2E Profit 100 partner Experian improved access to essential services

Many individuals face difficulties when trying to communicate with the numerous businesses that play a vital role in our daily lives. For those who have disabilities or require specific assistance, it can be a daunting task to reach out and interact with essential service providers.

Barriers to services

Approximately 75% of individuals with disabilities have refrained from reaching out to necessary service providers due to feeling overwhelmed by the process. As a result, they are not receiving crucial assistance and important information.

On average, individuals with disabilities wait 82 days, which is over two months, before contacting necessary service providers. The causes for this delay are numerous, as over one-third report feeling emotionally exhausted, 34% experience anxiety, and 27% feel discouraged after dealing with companies.

The consequences of these delays have widespread effects, impacting all facets of life. More than half (52%) expressed a desire to use this time for relaxation or sleep, free from worry. Additionally, 28% reported financial struggles as a result of difficulties in reaching necessary services. However, only 19% have sought assistance from service providers, indicating the magnitude of the issue.

Individuals with disabilities have a lower tendency to change their service providers in multiple industries, including credit cards, savings accounts, energy suppliers, and TV subscriptions. Merely 28% have switched credit cards, in contrast to 36% of those without accessibility requirements.

The problem is not limited to one instance. According to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), approximately 7.4 million individuals have encountered difficulties in reaching their service providers. This poses the greatest obstacles for those who are most vulnerable in society.

Successful collaboration

After recognizing a major problem, Experian worked with leading UK companies such as HSBC UK, Nationwide Building Society, Tesco Bank, NewDay, Co-operative Bank, and Ovo to create the Support Hub.

After three years of development, the service’s goal is to offer a unified platform for customers to express their requests to multiple companies in a uniform and standardized manner.

By completing a straightforward registration, individuals can promptly express their requirements, whether it involves requesting braille communication or longer in-person appointments. No disclosure of disability is necessary, as the focus is on the assistance needed from the organizations they interact with. Users have full control over the information they choose to share and who they share it with.

The creation of Support Hub was made possible by the strong teamwork of partners, individuals with personal experiences, experts in disabilities, and charitable organizations. Their contributions have been crucial in the development of this service. By incorporating those who have firsthand knowledge and experience of the challenges faced by individuals on a daily basis, Support Hub aims to assist those who have struggled with their interactions with service providers and enable them to move forward with their lives.

At the beginning of our journey, we have already attracted businesses from various industries to join Support Hub. With this growth, a greater number of individuals will have access to a higher level of service that was previously unavailable to them.

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