George Santos is seeking retribution following his expulsion from the House in a decisive vote: Live.

George Santos is seeking retribution following his expulsion from the House in a decisive vote: Live.

George Santos was removed from his position in the US House of Representatives with a significant majority vote.

George Santos, a Republican representative, was removed from the House by a vote that included support from over one hundred Republicans and nearly all Democrats.

Mr. Santos is now part of a small group of legislators who have been removed from their positions, based on a critical 56-page report from the House Ethics Committee. The report stated that there is significant evidence that Mr. Santos broke federal laws.

Mr. Santos left the floor feeling defeated and commented, “They have established a dangerous precedent for themselves.”

A vote to expel Mr Santos required a two-thirds majority. 311 members voted in favor of his removal, while 114 voted against it and two voted present. The entire GOP leadership was against the ouster.

On Thursday, while addressing the House, Mr Santos stated that he was content with the result of the vote. He also mentioned that he has come to terms with being expelled.

This occurred several hours after he held a media briefing where he declined to step down and stated that “if I resign, they succeed” while maintaining that he was a target of “harassment”.

Although he stated during an interview that he would leave gracefully, Mr. Santos actually went on X late Friday night and started planning his retaliation against House members from the New York area who voted to remove him.


George Santos may no longer be with us, but there will still be others like him.

Eric Garcia writes:

George Santos achieved his desired outcome.

During the October speaker’s race, I observed the now-expelled New York Republican become aggressive towards a pro-Palestinian activist who had previously questioned him. While leaving the meeting room in the Longworth House Office Building, I inquired about Jim Jordan, but the congressman instead yelled at the activist, calling them “human scum.”

Without hesitation, the entire group of journalists shifted their focus away from the disorganization within the GOP and directed it towards him, transforming the situation into a spectacle. This is exactly what he desired. He successfully gained the attention and participation of the press, as well as members of the House Republican conference and even a few Democrats, as he diverted attention from his legal issues.

The House’s decision to remove him from office will not discourage him, as he has consistently used attempts to shame him as opportunities. Additionally, members of the Republican party in the House have created a system that discourages the pursuit of policy and instead rewards those who view Congress as a platform to promote themselves rather than enact meaningful change.

The media is equally responsible for giving him what he desires, just like everyone else.

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What will become of the Republican majority?

Oliver O’Connell3 December 2023 02:15

George Santos has been involved in numerous scandals.

Mr Santos has been plagued by an unusual scandal in American politics over the past few years. Even before taking his seat as representative for New York’s 3rd Congressional District, he has been under pressure to resign or be expelled.

John Bowden reflects on the progression of Mr Santos’ scandal-ridden political career, tracing its trajectory from its inception to its sudden conclusion.

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Santos declined to comment on whether he has been approached to appear on a reality television show.

In the afternoon of Thursday, Politico’s Olivia Beavers inquired Mr. Santos if he had received an invitation to participate in a reality television show.

He said, “I won’t respond to that, Olivia.”

NBC News reporter Garrett Haake pointed out that the response was not a flat refusal.

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of the life

The Life of George Santos: A Recap of Events

Mr. Santos faced controversy before even taking office as representative for New York’s 3rd Congressional District, with calls for his removal and resignation due to a peculiar scandal that has plagued American politics in recent years.

John Bowden reflects on the progression of Mr. Santos’ politically-tarnished career, from its inception to its sudden conclusion.

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Kimmel told Santos to enjoy their time in prison.

In his Thursday night broadcast, Mr. Kimmel criticized Mr. Santos for the House’s delay in expelling him.

He joked that it’s similar to a mental patient escaping the hospital and ending up in an air traffic control tower, and then a year later still being there and landing planes.

In spite of the unknown circumstances, Mr. Kimmel mentioned that Mr. Santos is taking advantage of his remaining time in the public eye. He held a passionate press conference in front of the Capitol on Thursday, where he denounced his fellow Congress members for “using up the time of the American people.”

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George Santos was voted out of the US House by a large margin.

George Santos was removed from the US House of Representatives after a large number of Republicans and Democrats voted to expel him. This decision was made following a report from the House Ethics Committee that revealed evidence of Mr Santos’ violation of federal law. The report stated that he had misused campaign funds for personal expenses such as Botox, OnlyFans, and designer fashion. The vote to expel him required a two-thirds majority, with 311 members in favor and 114 against, while two members abstained. Mr Santos is scheduled to face federal charges in September 2024.

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“I am fed up with this location.”

When questioned about his impending removal, he stated that he was not involved in the situation.

He informed the press that as he is no longer an official member of Congress, he is not obligated to answer their questions.

Eric Garcia and Gustaf Kilander authored this report on the departure of the scandal-plagued ex-congressman.

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What is the next step for George Santos’s district?

Gustaf Kilander details the upcoming events as the removal sets the stage for a significant election in a pivotal year for the presidency.

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What were the findings of the House ethics committee report?

In early November, the committee released a long report stating that there was reliable proof suggesting that the Republican party misused campaign funds for personal expenses, engaged in fraudulent activities, and gave false information to the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

The conclusion of the lengthy investigation was detrimental for Mr. Santos, who had relied on it as his lifeline to withstand the multiple attempts made by his colleagues, even those from his own political party, to remove him from office.

Unfortunately, John Bowden’s account is full of instances of deceit, dishonesty, and further acts of fraud.

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