Forensic police search Tenerife house for Jay Slater as mother reveals ‘agony’

Forensic police search Tenerife house for Jay Slater as mother reveals ‘agony’
Exploring the isolated Tenerife landscape of Jay Slater’s last known location

The mother of Jay Slater has issued a heartbreaking statement days after Spanish police ended their search for the missing teenager, who disappeared over two weeks ago in Tenerife.

Debbie Duncan thanked the Guardia Civil who she said had “worked tirelessly up in the mountains where Jay’s last phone call was traced”.

Released through the British overseas missing persons charity LBT Global, she said: “We are a very close family and are absolutely devastated about his disappearance.

“Words cannot describe the pain and agony we are experiencing. He is our beautiful boy with his whole life ahead of him and we just want to find him.”

The 19-year-old had travelled with friends to the Canary Island to attend the NRG music festival, before returning to a remote AirBnb with two British men that he had met in Playa de Las Americas.

He called his friend at 8.50am to say that he was lost in the Rural de Teno park with no water and only had one per cent battery on his phone.


Missing Persons Tenerife group swells as Jay Slater search captures national zeitgeist

The Missing Persons Tenerife Facebook Group has swollen from 340 members to almost 8,000 in a fortnight.

Most, but not all of those joining are British nationals, some of whom are worried about their safety in visiting Tenerife, as well as those having an interest in the Jay Slater case.

Its admin Deborah Clarke-Topper said the spike meant other historical missing persons cases are gaining attention.

She told The Independent: “It is clear that the coverage of the case is building a perception that Tenerife is not a safe destination, and that the police do not act as favourably toward Britons on holiday as they would their own citizens.

“However, I am sure that the Spanish police are extremely earnest in their investigation and reaching a conclusion to it is what they want, regardless of the nationality of the missing person. As long as the case remains unresoved there will be negative perception on the safety of holiday makers.”

Barney Davis3 July 2024 23:00


AirBnb renter says he has spoken to Spanish police

Ayub Qassim, 31, told MailOnline he took Jay Slater back to his rented holiday cottage after a rave in Tenerife hours before he vanished on June 17.

He added: “If I’d fallen out with him would he even come to mine?

“There were no problems. You’ve seen the last images of him with his red blanket around him.

“I don’t know if he had beef elsewhere because I don’t know him that well, I only know him through friends.”

Mr Qassim said he had only spoken to authorities in Tenerife.

He said: “I’ve spoken to the Spanish police and they’ve told me not to speak to anyone which is why I’ve been quiet.

“I’ve not spoken to Mark Williams-Thomas or anyone like him because he doesn’t have any jurisdiction in Tenerife, and I haven’t done anything wrong.”

Barney Davis3 July 2024 21:35


Man who took Jay Slater back to his AirBnb insists teen was alive when he left

One of the men who last saw Jay Slater alive has broken his silence.

Ayub Qassim is believed to be one of the two men who was staying in the apartment Jay Slater left in the early hours to make the long trek back to his own rental accommodation.

He vanished somewhere along the 10-hour walk.

Speaking to MailOnline today Ayub Qassim said: “The only comment I have to make is that Jay came to the house alive, and he left the house alive.

“I let the geezer stay at mine because he had nowhere else to go, his friends had all left him.

“I know Jay, through friends, I’m not going to bring someone back to mine if I don’t know them.

“I’m doing the geezer a favour and now my face is all over the news. It’s a bit mental. I haven’t even done anything.”

Barney Davis3 July 2024 21:30


Britons using new safety measures in Tenerife after Jay Slater disappearance

Britons using new safety measures in Tenerife after Jay Slater disappearance

Young Britons holidaying in Tenerife say the disappearance of teenager Jay Slater has made them take extra safety precautions. The 19-year-old disappeared after attending a music festival with friends two weeks ago. Spanish police have now said the hunt for Mr Slater had ended with the case remaining open. Young holidaymakers heading to Tenerife spoke to Sky News about their fears on Monday (1 July). One person said: “We are more cautious and aware. We have got our own locations on. We wouldn’t have considered that when we booked it.” Another added: “I am a little more scared, so made sure we have got each other’s locations on.”

Holly Evans3 July 2024 21:30


Jay Slater’s dad wonders if son was making his way to sea

Jay Slater’s father Warren, 58, has been searching a trail at Jay’s last known location at Rural de Teno Park on Wednesday.

Asked if he thinks Jay may have been heading towards the sea, which was visible in the distance, Warren told the Manchester Evening News: “Maybe”.

“I’ve done this trail now twice. Every step I’ve took there’s been an opening. If you land on one of those cactus’ you’re not moving. Surely somebody’s gonna find you after two weeks.”

Speaking about the area below him, he said: “It’s hundreds of square feet of this little bushy stuff. You can’t explain this to somebody unless they see it. You can take a photograph or film it, but until you’re here…”.

(Sky News)
Barney Davis3 July 2024 20:45


Jay Slater machete gang attack victim hits out at internet trolls and urges them to help find teenager

Holly Evans3 July 2024 20:15


Jay Slater’s family continue search a fortnight on from disappearance as police call off operation

Jay Slater’s family say they are not giving up despite the official search for the teenager coming to an abrupt end.

Tenerife officials brought their gruelling 13-day search to a close on Sunday following calls for volunteers to assist in a busqueda masiva – a massive search – on Saturday.

The 19-year-old disappeared on June 17 near Buenavista del Norte, after travelling there with two men he had met at a festival around 27 miles further south on the island.

Read the full article here:

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Jay Slater is a ‘normal guy’ with a large group of friends, say family

In an emotional statement, his family described him as a “beautiful” boy who had been studying for an apprenticeship at the time he disappeared.

They said: “My son, Jay Dean Slater, came to the holiday island of Tenerife on 13 June with his friend to attend a music festival.

“On 17 June after not returning to his apartment he was reported as a missing person.

“Jay is a normal guy who is in his third year of an apprenticeship, and he is a very popular young man with a large circle of friends.

“We are a very close family and are absolutely devastated about his disappearance.

“Words cannot describe the pain and agony we are experiencing. He is our beautiful boy with his whole life ahead of him and we just want to find him.”

Barney Davis3 July 2024 18:15


Jay Slater’s disappearance has exposed the horrifying cruelty of social media

Holly Evans3 July 2024 17:15


Fulll statement as Debbie Duncan says GoFundMe funds used to help TikToker

Debbie Duncan wrote on the GoFundMe, which has raised £48,000 on Wednesday evening. She said: “Hi again everyone. Your generosity has been vast, and we are so grateful for all of your support and kindness during this unimaginable time for our family.

“As I said in my official statement, the Spanish police conducted a land search for 12 days which involved every resource they had available. Although the land search ended, the Spanish police still continue with their investigations into why Jay had travelled to the location so far away from his accommodation. We offer our sincere thanks to the Spanish authorities, who continue to follow lines of inquiries.

“In the meantime, we will continue to use part of the funds to support the volunteers working hard in the mountains to find Jay. We are currently looking after Paul Arnett, putting together a package of any equipment and essentials he needs and going up to do a drop for him. We are also supporting Callum Fahim and his group with accommodation and other essentials.

“The remaining funds will continue to be used to support the rescue teams who are tirelessly searching for Jay as well as our own expenses as we remain in Tenerife looking for our boy.

“We will continue to keep you all updated on the progress on our GoFundMe page, and we thank you for your continued support. Please keep sharing and supporting our fundraiser to help us bring Jay home.”

Barney Davis3 July 2024 16:40