! Exciting news! The initial Dragon Ball amusement park has recently been revealed and it’s expected to be massive!


Exciting news! The initial Dragon Ball amusement park has recently been revealed and it's expected to be massive!

The owner of the franchise announced on Friday that they will be constructing the world’s first theme park dedicated to the popular “Dragon Ball” universe from comics, movies, and games.

The park, located near Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, will revolve around the world of Goku and his friends – mystical martial artists. It will be included as part of the Qiddiya Investment Company’s project.

The project, which spans 500,000 meters, will offer themed rides and attractions in seven areas based on the series, as well as accommodations and dining options.

The Jacob K. Javits Convention Center hosted a Dragon Ball Z booth at New York Comic Con.

Saudi Arabia is trying to diversify its hydrocarbon-based economy with a number of entertainment-related mega projects. Qiddiya is being built on a site more than double the size of Florida’s Disney World and is planned to include a Six Flags roller coaster theme park as well.

The popular series, “Dragon Ball,” was originally published in Japan’s Weekly Shonen Jump in 1984 and later made into movies, video games, and television programs that have been viewed in over 80 countries.

A traveler sporting a Dragon Ball T-shirt poses for photos with a statue of ‘Son Goku’, a Dragon Ball character.

The legacy of this property consists of many anime related spin-off shows, movies, and video games. The upcoming addition to the franchise, a new anime titled “Dragon Ball Daima,” is scheduled to come out in the autumn season of 2023, following its announcement in October 2022.

The creator of the popular Japanese manga comic Akira Toriyama passed away at the age of 68 this month. This sparked eulogies and tributes from fans all over the world.

On Friday, Toriyama’s studio announced his passing on 1 March due to acute subdural hematoma, a form of bleeding near the brain.

is known for his

Akira Toriyama, a creator of Japanese manga comics, is renowned for his work.

Fans and friends from across the world reacted to the news with shock and sorrow, describing how his iconic work was part of their childhood.

Author Masashi Kishimoto, known for his work on the manga series Naruto, stated, “Your manga has been a constant in my life. During difficult times, the weekly releases of the Dragon Ball series provided much needed relief. As a rural boy with limited resources, it was a lifeline for me.”

“I have just learned of your death. I am feeling a profound sense of grief, even greater than when Dragon Ball came to an end. I am unsure of how to cope with this sudden emptiness in my heart,” it stated.

According to Eiichiro Oda, the creator of the popular One Piece manga, “[Toriyama] was a pioneer in the era where manga could be enjoyed by both adults and children, despite it being previously seen as detrimental to education. He inspired us to dream big about the possibilities of manga and demonstrated that we can even take our art to a global level.”

“I can’t believe I’ll never see him again… I feel completely consumed by sorrow,” Mr. Oda expressed.

Source: independent.co.uk