Exceptional hygiene, stronger businesses

Exceptional hygiene, stronger businesses

Reckitt Pro Solutions is a Business Reporter client.

Reckitt Pro Solutions, the B2B arm of hygiene, health and nutrition specialists Reckitt, has built the foundations of a strong business across Europe, Australia and New Zealand. In just four years of existence, it has achieved double-digit growth year on year and developed a portfolio of trusted products that deliver exceptional hygiene and help strengthen businesses.

Business Reporter: Reckitt Pro Solutions

Capping this off with a Best of British Industry Award, the team at Reckitt Pro Solutions share the insights and trends supporting the company’s rapid expansion.

Creating professional solutions

In 2020, during the height of the pandemic, Reckitt opened its professional division in Europe, supporting businesses with a portfolio of hygiene products to create more hygienic spaces ready for employees and customers to return to.

This new platform, Reckitt Pro Solutions, has focused on delivering its value proposition to customers focused on:

  • Efficacious products that provide exceptional performance and hygiene results
  • Helping businesses to reduce cleaning times and costs
  • A portfolio that helps businesses meet their sustainability and safety commitments
  • Hygiene on trend

The Reckitt Pro Solutions proposition addresses key trends affecting core commercial cleaning industries such as offices, schools and hotels, restaurants and cafes (HoReCa), and includes:

A new standard of cleaning: High cleaning standards help businesses meet the expectation of the 91 per cent of people expecting higher cleaning standards post-pandemic.

Productivity and efficiency: Businesses are facing increasing labour costs, coupled with mid-range single-digit inflation and staffing shortages. According to a 2023 British Cleaning Council survey, there are at least 225,000 cleaning and hygiene vacancies in the UK alone.

Hybrid working: Only 35 per cent of businesses in the UK report full occupancy of their offices.

Cleaner and greener workplaces: With 80 per cent of cleaning businesses citing sustainability as a top procurement priority, this is a key focus for Reckitt Pro Solutions to help support its customers to meet their sustainability targets through its range offering and hygiene protocol guidance.

Reckitt Pro Solutions addresses these commercial trends with its proposition of effective, efficient and exceptional cleaning and hygiene solutions that help strengthen businesses. Reckitt Pro Solutions has demonstrated strong double-digit growth every year of operation following significant partnerships with distributors, end-customer businesses and events.

Developing the portfolio

Reckitt Pro Solutions has been innovating the Reckitt portfolio to cater to B2B commercial cleaning needs.

Dettol is the world’s leading disinfectant brand, with over 90 years of experience in helping to deliver world-class hygiene standards globally.

Dettol Pro Solutions includes a range of surface-cleaning disinfectants and liquid handwashes, which help in establishing excellent disinfection and sanitation standards across commercial spaces.

Finish is the leading auto-dishwashing brand worldwide. Finish and Quantum Professional, the B2B range, deliver professional results for five-star service. This is critically important to businesses, given that 86 per cent of patrons who experience dirty dishes do not return to the same outlet.

Reckitt Pro Solutions customers also mention an increasing focus on sustainability to meet expectations of their own customers.

Reckitt’s purpose-led brands have begun their sustainability journey with a set of goals for the coming years. The company’s pledges involve milestone aims such as a 50 per cent reduction of virgin plastic in packaging by 2030 compared with 2020 and a 65 per cent reduction in chemical footprint within the same timeframe.

Recent developments for Air Wick in office and HoReCa spaces delivered 24/7 Active Fresh, an aerosol-free auto spray, which was recently voted the number-one innovation of 2024 by Tomorrow’s Facilities Management. It has 95 per cent naturally derived ingredients and is free from dyes and propellants. Dosing control allows businesses to control the volume of scenting, so that the fragrance is maximised, minimising the cost associated with over-scenting a space.

Partnerships with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to improve wildlife protection for wildflowers and butterflies in the UK, Australia and Mexico, meanwhile, takes sustainability beyond the facility walls and demonstrates Reckitt’s leadership on an important commercial topic. In Australia, a three-year partnership with the WWF aims to save 120 threatened native wildflowers from extinction, which will in turn help protect the country’s native flora and biodiversity.

In addition to cleaning and hygiene solutions, Reckitt Pro Solutions provides a full-service offering. Starting with site assessments for cleaning and hygiene needs as well as assessment of existing protocols, through to developing a bespoke plan to improve the cleaning provision across an estate, Reckitt Pro Solutions helps to strengthen businesses and protect the people who work there.

Reckitt Pro Solutions also provides an invaluable customer toolkit to help strengthen businesses, comprising:

  • Product information sheets
  • Product catalogues
  • Hygiene guides
  • Customer activation assets
  • Digital activation assets
  • Seasoned teams of experts

But while these are customer essentials, the greatest value is brought from the application of Reckitt’s research work. Hygiene guides and protocols are rooted in the latest research undertaken by Reckitt’s team of scientists. In partnership with the University of Arizona, Reckitt Pro Solutions commissioned and conducted real-world research into germ transmission within communal spaces. A real-world study carried out in the public areas of a hotel examined how targeted cleaning and disinfection protocols can help promote improved hygiene standards worldwide.

Reckitt Pro Solutions also values the voice of its audience as part of its development process. Customer insights are at the heart of everything we do, truly seeing the value in both looking at dedicated third-party market research and hearing from customers directly to understand the pain points that they experience in their facilities.

Working together

Reckitt Pro Solutions has had a strong four-year start, and the coming years will see it continue to develop its offering to commercial clients and play a key role in strengthening businesses through the delivery of exceptional hygiene and cleaning solutions.

This year, Reckitt Pro Solutions will be at Interclean Amsterdam, in hall 11 on stand 403, ready to meet and engage with businesses, whatever their size or industry, from any part of the world.

You can contact Reckitt Pro Solutions on [email protected], via the website or on the LinkedIn page, which features updates on our exceptional hygiene and cleaning solutions.

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