During a live interview with Tucker Carlson, Putin expressed anger towards Ukraine, a US reporter, and historical events.

During a live interview with Tucker Carlson, Putin expressed anger towards Ukraine, a US reporter, and historical events.

Putin describes Ukraine as a country created by Stalin’s decision rather than naturally formed.

Tucker Carlson, previous host of Fox News, shared his conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin where Putin began by discussing the history of Russia and its connection with Ukraine.

The interview, which lasted for two hours and seven minutes, was taped on February 6th and made available in its entirety just before 6pm ET on Thursday. Carlson made the trip to Moscow for Putin’s initial interview with a Western journalist since the conflict in Ukraine started in February 2022.

Putin restated his claim that Ukraine was not a legitimate country, as it was molded by the decisions of Soviet leader Josef Stalin.

Carlson asked for Gershkovich, a reporter for the Wall Street Journal who was in jail, to be able to come back to the US with Carlson and his team as a gesture of “goodwill” from Putin. However, Putin responded that his “goodwill” had been depleted, expressing dissatisfaction with the lack of mutual actions from the West.

When questioned about why he has not contacted President Joe Biden to resolve the situation in Ukraine, Putin responded, “What needs to be resolved?”

He suggested that if the supply of weapons is stopped, the conflict could end within a matter of weeks.

Putin stated that discussions for peace had reached a significant level of agreement between parties, and were close to being completed.


According to Putin, Ukraine is not a legitimate nation.

Vladimir Putin seized the opportunity to present his biased interpretation of history, asserting that Ukraine is not a legitimate nation.

“After the end of World War II, Ukraine was given control of territories that were previously under Polish, Hungarian, and Romanian rule. This resulted in Romania and Hungary losing some of their lands to Soviet Ukraine, which have since remained part of modern-day Ukraine,” he stated.

According to Mr. Putin, Ukraine is a man-made country that was created by Stalin’s decision. Therefore, we have sufficient evidence to support this claim.

Namita Singh9 February 2024 04:01


The interview with Tucker Carlson is believed to be part of the Kremlin’s attempt to gain approval from the Western world.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky, a Russian businessman and political figure who was exiled after his imprisonment in 2003 for defying Vladimir Putin, commented on X that Tucker Carlson is being used by the Kremlin to gain Western support.

“It requires approval from Western sources. For instance, Russian propagandists have resorted to leaving pro-Putin comments on articles published by Western news sites using fake European and American names, and then presenting them as ‘Western viewpoints’,” the author stated. “This is where Tucker Carlson comes into play. He has continuously praised Putin for many years, even as the leader fell out of favor with the general Western audience. Therefore, during his visit to Moscow, he received a VIP treatment.”

According to the dissident, Carlson’s trip to Moscow has garnered more media attention than any other visiting world leader or celebrity in recent years. Every action he took was depicted as a crucial matter for the country, solely because he meets the regime’s desire for validation from Western countries.

Namita Singh9 February 2024 04:01


According to Carlson, Putin believes that certain parts of western Ukraine have a historical significance for Russia.

During his interview with Putin, Carlson initially inquired about the reason behind his actions, questioning if it was due to a perceived physical threat. He was taken aback by the response he received.

Putin spoke for a lengthy period, approximately thirty minutes, about Russia’s history dating back to the eighth century. We initially believed this to be a tactic to delay and found it bothersome. As a result, we interrupted him multiple times, to which he expressed annoyance.

In the end, we determined that it was not a filibustering tactic. The interview had no time limit and lasted over two hours. However, what you are about to witness appears to be sincere, regardless of whether you share the same beliefs. According to the speaker, Vladimir Putin maintains that Russia has a historical right to certain regions of western Ukraine.

Carlson suggested considering it as a genuine reflection of his thoughts.

Gustaf Kilander9 February 2024 04:00


Carlson is not the first Western journalist to have sided with the enemy.

There has been a strong response and backlash from American reporters regarding Tucker Carlson’s interview with Vladimir Putin.

According to Jamie Dettmer’s article for Politico, Tucker Carlson is not the only Western journalist to have sided with the enemy. Historically, leaders like Hitler and Stalin have also been able to manipulate British and American individuals to spread their propaganda.

Namita Singh9 February 2024 03:42


‘Carlson interviews Biden accuser Tara Reade’

According to a report from Semafor, Tucker Carlson conducted an interview with Tara Reade, a former Senate aide who has accused President Joe Biden of sexual assault, a claim that he has denied.

After expressing her growing approval of Russian policies, the ex-assistant relocated to Russia.

In 2022, the Russian delegation at the UN requested for her to address the issue of “weapons diversion”. As a result, Russia’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN made an appearance on her YouTube channel.

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What prompted Putin to agree to be interviewed by Carlson?

The Kremlin stated that Vladimir Putin accepted an interview with Tucker Carlson because the approach of the previous Fox News host was distinct from the “biased” coverage of the Ukraine conflict by multiple Western media sources.

It is believed that Carlson has strong ties to Donald Trump, who is projected to be the Republican nominee for the upcoming November US presidential race.

Mr Trump has expressed dissatisfaction with the large amount of financial assistance that has been given to Kyiv. He has also urged for a reduction in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, which has received strong support from the Joe Biden administration under the leadership of Volodymyr Zelensky.

Carlson has expressed his belief that many Western media outlets have shown a biased perspective in favor of Kyiv during the war.

<p>Tucker Carlson speaks during RiskOn360! GlobalSuccess Conference at Ahern Hotel and Convention Center on 20 November 2023 in Las Vegas</p>
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On November 20, 2023, Tucker Carlson delivers a speech at the Ahern Hotel and Convention Center in Las Vegas for the RiskOn360! GlobalSuccess Conference.

Carlson’s past comments about the Ukraine war have often mirrored the justifications put out by the Kremlin, such as saying Russia does not want “a hostile government next door”, and he has called Zelensky a “dictator”. Clips of his shows have repeatedly been featured in Russian propaganda shows on state TV.

In 2019, Carlson made headlines for stating that American liberals have a stronger dislike for their country than Putin. He claimed that while Putin may have his flaws, he does not harbor the same level of hatred towards America as many American liberals do.

If we have to decide between Russia and Ukraine, it would be best to support Russia.

Namita Singh9 February 2024 03:31


In a video, Putin refers to Ukraine as a “constructed country created by Stalin’s decision.”

Putin describes Ukraine as a “man-made country created by Stalin’s decision.”

Gustaf Kilander9 February 2024 03:30


According to a report, Carlson and Snowden crossed paths in Moscow.

In 2013, Mr Snowden was given asylum in Russia due to his release of a large amount of confidential documents from the National Security Agency (NSA). In 2020, he was given permanent resident status in Russia. During that time, he publicly declared his intention to pursue dual citizenship, expressing on Twitter that he and his wife did not want to be apart from their son after years of being separated from their parents.

My coworker, Gustaf Kilander, states:

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The leader of Russia stated that he is confident in the potential for an agreement to be reached in order to release an American journalist.

According to Vladimir Putin, it is feasible to come to a resolution to release Evan Gershkovich, an American journalist from the Wall Street Journal who has been held in Russia for almost a year on accusations of espionage.

According to him, the Gershkovich case was being discussed by Russian and American special services and some advancements have been made.

<p>This grab from a handout footage provided by the Lefortovsky Court on 26 January 2024 shows US journalist Evan Gershkovich, arrested on espionage charges</p>
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The Lefortovsky Court released a handout video on January 26, 2024 featuring American journalist Evan Gershkovich, who was detained on accusations of spying.

Mr. Putin proposed that Moscow would release Vadim Krasikov, who was found guilty of the 2019 assassination of a Chechen opponent in Berlin, in exchange for Germany’s cooperation. However, he did not specifically mention Krasikov’s name.

“I have seen numerous instances of these discussions resulting in success,” stated Mr. Putin. “Most likely, this will also end in success, but we must reach an agreement.”

In the past, Russia and the United States have made notable exchanges of prisoners – most recently in December 2022 when Moscow gave up Brittney Griner, an American basketball player who was convicted of a drug-related crime in Russia, in exchange for Viktor Bout, a Russian arms dealer.

Namita Singh9 February 2024 03:14


According to Putin, Russia is not interested in a larger-scale conflict.

The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, stated that Russia will continue to defend its interests until the very end. However, he also clarified that there is no intention to extend the ongoing war in Ukraine to other countries like Poland and Latvia.

In an interview with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Mr Putin stated that his government had denied any intentions of invading Ukraine until it actually did so in February 2022.

<p>In this pool photograph distributed by Russian state agency Sputnik, Russia’s president Vladimir Putin chairs a meeting with the Presidential Council for Science and Education via video link in Moscow on 8 February 2024</p>
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On February 8, 2024, Russian President Vladimir Putin led a meeting with the Presidential Council for Science and Education in Moscow via video conference. The photo was released by the Russian state agency Sputnik.

Putin stated that leaders from the West have acknowledged that it is not feasible to cause a strategic defeat for Russia, leaving them uncertain about their next course of action.

He stated that we are prepared for this conversation.

When questioned about the possibility of sending Russian soldiers to Poland, a country that is part of NATO, Mr. Putin stated that it would only happen if Poland were to attack Russia. He explained that Russia has no intention of intervening in Poland, Latvia, or any other country, as they have no vested interest in doing so.

Namita Singh9 February 2024 03:01

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