During a live event, Biden expressed concern that Trump’s comments on NATO could potentially encourage Putin, calling them “appalling.”

During a live event, Biden expressed concern that Trump's comments on NATO could potentially encourage Putin, calling them "appalling."

“I support the idea of Russia targeting underfunded NATO allies,” stated Donald Trump.

President Joe Biden reprimanded Donald Trump for his statement at a campaign rally in South Carolina, where he expressed his intent to support Russia in taking action against any country that fails to fulfill its financial obligations to Nato.

President Biden was furious about the comments, stating: “Being commander-in-chief is a significant responsibility that should greatly impact those who hold this position.”

“Trump’s admission that he intends to give Vladimir Putin a greenlight for more war and violence, to continue his brutal assault against a free Ukraine, and to expand his aggression to the people of Poland and the Baltic States are appalling and dangerous.

Unfortunately, these actions are not surprising, as the man in question has made clear that he intends to govern with absolute authority, akin to the dictators he admires, as soon as he is reinstated as President.

Nikki Haley, a primary opponent of Mr Trump, also scolded him and cautioned him against supporting a thug. His fellow Republicans had mixed opinions about his words.

The candidate’s attempts to gain the support of pop star Taylor Swift during the Super Bowl weekend were unsuccessful.


Truth Social: Trump reaches out to Taylor Swift, becomes menacing and boasts about Biden’s memory.

In addition to the aforementioned excitement, the nominee also spent the Super Bowl weekend unsuccessfully trying to gain the endorsement of popular music icon Taylor Swift. They stated that Swift would not support Joe Biden in this election because she could not betray the person who has helped her earn a significant amount of money. The nominee also mentioned that they have a positive opinion of Swift’s boyfriend Travis Kelce, despite his potential political views as a liberal and his possible dislike for the nominee.

He has been using concerning language about a “final battle” and boasting about Robert Hur’s report on Biden from last week. In the report, the Republican prosecutor made some inflammatory comments about the president’s mental state.

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Trump is facing more criticism for his recent attack on Nikki Haley’s husband.

Furthermore, in a display of flagrant disrespect towards the military, the member of the Republican party specifically raised concerns about the lack of presence of Nikki Haley’s spouse during the campaign.

“Where is her spouse?” he mocked in Conway. “Oh, they’re not here. They’re not here! What has happened to her partner? What has happened to her partner? Where are they? They have left.”

Jake Tapper, a CNN anchor, was among the many commentators on X who eagerly supplied him with the location of Major Michael Haley when asked.

By the way, has anyone caught a glimpse of Melania recently?

Haley responded with impressive self-control, as one would anticipate, but, possibly even more harmfully, former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper and Republican governor of Georgia Brian Kemp also criticized his treatment of American military members.

I am reminded of the phrases “suckers and losers” and “bone spurs.”

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Some Republicans disagree with Trump’s statement to potentially break the Nato defence agreement, calling it foolish.

Nikki Haley, Trump’s primary opponent, criticized him for his comments on Nato and cautioned him against siding with a “thug”.

His language, on the other hand, received mixed responses from his fellow Republicans, who would typically be expected to conform without question.

More information on that can be found in the sections by John Bowden, Eric Garcia, and Katie Hawkinson below.

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Biden expresses frustration towards Trump’s statement that the US should not defend negligent NATO allies against Russia.

President Joe Biden has reprimanded Donald Trump for his statement at a campaign event in Conway, South Carolina where he stated that he would support Russia in taking action against countries who fail to meet their financial obligations to NATO.

President Biden was outraged by the comments, stating: “Being commander-in-chief is a huge responsibility that should heavily weigh on the person in this position.”

“Trump’s admission that he intends to give Vladimir Putin a greenlight for more war and violence, to continue his brutal assault against a free Ukraine, and to expand his aggression to the people of Poland and the Baltic States are appalling and dangerous.

Unfortunately, these actions are expected from a man who has declared his intentions to govern with dictatorial authority, similar to those he admires, from his first day back in the White House.

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A man from Montana has been convicted for his involvement in the riot at the Capitol.

On Wednesday, a Montana business owner who is a supporter of ex-President Donald Trump was found guilty for participating in the January 6, 2021 attack on the US Capitol, which disrupted the certification of the 2020 Electoral College results.

The decision was announced by the US Attorney’s Office in Montana.

According to court records, Henry Phillip Muntzer from Dillon was apprehended after his social media posts and videos from inside the Capitol were reviewed.

55-year-old Muntzer was convicted of two felonies, obstructing an official proceeding and civil disorder, after a bench trial presided by US District Court Judge Jia M. Cobb. Additionally, Muntzer was found guilty of four misdemeanors. The sentencing is scheduled for June 20.

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Navarro defends Biden, criticizing Trump for constantly saying nonsensical things.

Ana Navarro, a commentator for CNN, strongly criticized Trump last night for his nonsensical statements about “whales and windmills”.

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Trump is advocating for the dismissal of the Mar-a-Lago lawsuit.

Donald Trump’s legal team has submitted several requests to have the criminal charges against him in the Mar-a-Lago classified documents case thrown out.

“According to NBC News, attorneys Todd Blanche and Christopher Kise state that the defendants intend to submit a series of motions to dismiss the Superseding Indictment and some of the charges on February 22 at the earliest.”

The new indictment alleges that President Trump was part of a scheme to erase security footage obtained at Mar-a-Lago.

Graig Graziosi reports:

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Biden aggressively responds to report questioning his memory based on classified documents.

In a fiery response to a Republican prosecutor’s accusation of his faulty memory, President Joe Biden passionately addressed reporters in last-minute comments on Thursday.

Earlier today, the Department of Justice published a report from special counsel Robert Hur, the former US attorney for Maryland who was tasked by attorney general Merrick Garland to investigate the origins of classified documents found at Biden’s residence in Delaware and former workplace in Washington.

Hur did not recommend that Biden face criminal charges, citing what he described as significant “mitigating factors” that led him to state that charges were not warranted and would not have been warranted even if Biden were not president and barred from being prosecuted by Department of Justice policy.

Additionally, the Republican prosecutor disputed Biden’s recollection of the documents, stating that it was notably restricted during interviews with investigators. The report also includes information about Biden’s statements during these interviews that seemed to align with assertions made by former president Donald Trump and his supporters, suggesting that the president lacks mental competence.

He once stated that Biden had no recollection of the year his son, Beau Biden, passed away from brain cancer. He recounted a portion of an interview where the president appeared to struggle with remembering the years he served as vice president.

The president was not receptive to the response.

This is the report by Andrew Feinberg.

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Trump’s legal representative confessed during the trial that the riot at the Capitol was deemed as a criminal act.

…which is not how the previous president has been portraying the events of that “lovely day.”

On Thursday, Alex Woodward provided coverage of the key discussions that occurred in the country’s top legal institution and their significance.

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What is the reason behind Trump’s belief that Fani Willis, the DA of Fulton County, should not be allowed to serve?

The legal team of ex-president Donald Trump asserts that Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis should be disqualified from his Georgia case on election interference due to “inappropriate racial remarks made outside of the legal process.”

In response to Ms. Willis’ most recent submission, Mr. Trump’s lawyers, Steve Sadow and Jennifer Little, filed a request on Wednesday alleging that she improperly brought race into the case and provoked racial hostility during her speech at Big Bethel AME Church, a renowned Black church in Atlanta, on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

During her speech, Ms. Willis stood up for Nathan Wade, a special prosecutor who was hired to handle the case. There were rumors circulating about a potential romantic relationship between the two, but Ms. Willis addressed them in a court filing on Friday. She acknowledged that she had a personal relationship with Mr. Wade, but stated that it did not begin until after he was hired. She also argued that there was no inappropriate behavior that warranted them being removed from the case.

In her speech, Ms. Willis did not specifically name Mr. Wade, but she did mention that she had hired three lawyers for the case, two of whom were white and one was Black. She also noted that only the Black lawyer’s qualifications were questioned.

Julia Reinstein reports:

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