Deadline for Trump’s $464 million bond and hearing for hush money trial coming up soon: Live

Deadline for Trump's $464 million bond and hearing for hush money trial coming up soon: Live

Jimmy Kimmel discloses that the one thing he would prioritize in seizing assets from Trump would be…

According to Jimmy Kimmel, the primary item he would target when seizing assets from Trump is…

As the due date for Donald Trump to submit a $464 million bond in his New York civil fraud lawsuit approaches, the Republican presidential nominee has asserted that he has approximately $500 million “in cash.” However, his own lawyers have informed a New York court that he is unable to produce the funds.

Donald Trump has frequently declared that he possesses a fortune of billions of dollars, with a significant amount of that wealth being linked to his ownership in the Trump Organization and his lucrative real estate assets.

Before Monday’s deadline to post the mammoth bond, the former president declared on his Truth Social platform that he had earned the money he alleges Democrats are trying to take away from him “through hard work, talent and luck”.

He stated that the amount was originally meant for his campaign for presidency.

Attorney General Letitia James of New York is getting ready to take control of Mr. Trump’s possessions if he is unable to raise the necessary funds to appeal the verdict of his fraud case in Manhattan.

Today, Mr. Trump will be present in the city for a crucial court session related to the hush money lawsuit filed against him. The hearing was originally supposed to commence on Monday, but it has now been rescheduled for April 15.


Financially struggling con artist Trump will rely on the RNC to cover his legal expenses.

Even though it was previously stated that the Republican National Committee (RNC) would not cover Trump’s many legal expenses, the party’s primary fundraising organization seems prepared to do so after the recent MAGA takeover.

More information from Alex Woodward is available.

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As the bond deadline draws near, Donald Trump memes have started to gain traction and become more popular, with many referring to him as “Don Poorleone”.

Internet users have collaboratively created a new nickname for the ex-president: “Don Poorleone.”

The meme features a picture of the renowned character Don Vito Corleone played by Marlon Brando in The Godfather, with a spin on his iconic phrase.

While Vito promised to present an offer that could not be refused, the Trump meme proclaims: “I placed an offer that no one accepted.”

Katie Hawkinson possesses a greater amount.

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Eric Trump alleges that bond companies mocked and made fun of his family.

Although his father may have previously expressed dissatisfaction with Fox, they recently hosted Little Eric, the middle child of the Trump family. During the interview with Maria Bartiromo, Eric complained about the large amount of money they needed to raise for the fraud bond that was due the day before, noting that no surety company was willing to assist them.

Although it may be comically tragic, this is an absurd falsehood that, unfortunately, went unchallenged.

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If Trump is unable to obtain the $464 million bond in his civil fraud case, what will occur?

If Trump fails to produce the funds today, Alex Woodward speculates on what could occur in the future.

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Trump claims he has $454m fine amount ‘in his bank account’ but plans to spend it running for president

To begin, let’s discuss the bond offering.

This is Alisha Rahaman Sarkar discussing Trump’s unwise insistence that he still has the money but does not want to pay it, as it was intended to fund his presidential campaign.

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Donald Trump is expressing frustration over the bond posted for his legal defense in a fraud case and criticizing Fox News for their coverage. He is using Truth Social, a social media platform he created, to voice his complaints.

Donald Trump is preparing for a significant legal event where he will have to appear in court for the upcoming case involving hush money in Manhattan. As the $464 million bond in his fraud case approaches, the Republican candidate has taken to social media to express his frustrations, targeting New York attorney general Letitia James, Judge Arthur Engoron, and even Fox News for their coverage of his situation.

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The attorneys representing him argue that he lacks the financial means to pay bail, but the president asserts that he possesses $500 million in liquid assets.

Alex Woodward reports:

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The Trump Tower has been witness to everything.

Trump’s TV stint, ‘golden escalator’ presidential launch and notorious guests, it’s a place that’s played a major role in the history of the business tycoon-turned-president-turned accused felon’s life.

It is now possible for this to end up in the possession of an individual who Donald Trump perceives as a strong adversary.

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Who is the vice presidential candidate for Trump?

Now that Donald Trump has all but officially secured the nomination from the Republican National Committee (RNC), everyone is wondering who he will select as his running mate in his pursuit of the White House.

Speculation is already rampant about the small pool of candidates that Mr. Trump is considering, most of whom have demonstrated their support for him and condemned the outcome of the 2020 election, despite overwhelming proof that it was not fraudulent.

The timing of Mr. Trump’s decision announcement is uncertain, however, he officially declared his choice for running mate as Mike Pence in July of 2016, prior to the RNC convention being held.

These are the potential choices:

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On January 6th, an actor from the TV show NCIS was arrested for his involvement in the Capitol riot.

An individual who has acted in popular shows such as NCIS and The Rookie was detained for their suspected involvement in the January 6 insurrection at the United States Capitol.

Based on a charging document reported by Politico, Nolan Freeman joined fellow Donald Trump supporters in entering the Capitol through a damaged window and spent approximately 28 minutes there.

During an FBI investigation into the riot and efforts to overturn the 2020 election results, Mr. Freeman was located as one of the supporters of the former president.

Dan Gooding reports:

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