Barcelona plans to ban the sale of these ‘bad taste’ tourist souvenirs

Barcelona plans to ban the sale of these ‘bad taste’ tourist souvenirs

Whether a rude fridge magnet, cheeky shot glass or tacky tea towel – tourists will now struggle to take home certain pieces of tat after visiting Barcelona.

The Catalan capital and popular tourist destination plans to introduce strict new measures to restrict souvenir shopping and displays in “bad taste”.

Since 2018, the Barcelona city council has been working to modify the organisation of shops selling souvenirs in the city to control the footfall of tourists in residential areas.

Local councillors say that such souvenirs “devalue” the most visited streets in Barcelona.

Protected zones where restrictions on souvenir shops are already in place include the Sagrada Familia area, Ciutat Vella, Sant Antoni, Camp Nou, Park Güell and Casa Vicens.

Under the proposed measures, the sale and display of “sexist” and “homophobic” T-shirts and penis paraphernalia would be prohibited.

Jordi Coronas, an ERC councillor in Barcelona, said: “Barcelona, ​​through its ‘souvenirs’, is also projected to the world.

“Penises with the Barcelona brand or t-shirts with sexist and homophobic messages do not project the values ​​of the capital of Catalonia.

“We ask for regulatory changes to improve the image of the city and its commerce.”

Although the council’s motion to restrict distasteful souvenir sales has been approved, it is unclear when the new rules will be enforced on thousands of items across Barcelona.

The move comes amid a series of restrictions for holidaymakers across Spain as the country battles to control overtourism.

Marbella plans to serve tourists caught urinating in the sea a hefty fine under stricter summer rules.

A €750 (£634) fine will be imposed on 25 beaches in the Malaga municipality – a favourite with British tourists.

Elsewhere, visitors to Benidorm could also face fines up to €1,200 (£1,025) for setting foot on the sands between the hours of midnight and 7am, with swimming, sleeping and camping on the beach also strictly forbidden.