A son honors his mother who was killed in a suspected attack by an XL bully.

A son honors his mother who was killed in a suspected attack by an XL bully.

The owner of an extra-large bully becomes emotional while discussing the ban, stating “It is a cruel decision.”

The son of a victim in a potential XL aggression incident has honored his mother’s memory after she passed away while visiting her 11-year-old grandson last weekend.

Officers responded to a location in Jaywick, Essex, after 4pm on Saturday following reports of a seriously injured victim. The victim has been identified by her family as Esther Martin.

The individual, aged 68 and from Woodford Green, London, was tragically declared deceased at the location.

Paul Martin, the son of this woman, expressed his love and well wishes for her on Facebook. He also asked her to give a hug to another family member named Clare Louise.

“Until we reunite, your memory will endure eternally.”

This update follows closely after the XL Bully was made illegal to own, and all current dogs must now wear a muzzle and be leashed.

The National Police Chiefs’ Council stated that approximately 40,000 individuals have registered their dogs since Rishi Sunak announced the ban in September.

However, the Met also cautioned that up to 10,000 of these animals may not have a certificate of exemption, which is now mandatory according to the law.


A 68-year-old grandmother was fatally attacked by a suspected XL Bully.

A grandmother passed away after being assaulted by two XL Bullies, while visiting her 11-year-old grandson in Jaywick.

At 4pm on Saturday, Essex Police responded to a call on Hillman Avenue and discovered Esther Martin, who had been seriously injured according to her family.

A 68-year-old individual from Woodford Green, London was declared deceased at the location. It is believed that the incident involved two XL bully breed dogs.

Alexander Butler5 February 2024 09:08


The daughter recounts a suspected attack by an XL bully that resulted in the death of her mother.

An elderly woman passed away after being assaulted by two XL Bullies, while she was visiting her 11-year-old grandson in Jaywick.

Police in Essex responded to a call on Hillman Avenue at around 4pm on Saturday and discovered a victim, identified by her relatives as Esther Martin, 68, with severe injuries.

The daughter of the victim, Sonia Martin, who is from Chesterfield, stated to Mail Online: “The dogs were extra large and aggressive. There were a total of eight dogs in the house, including six puppies and two adults.”

The grandmother’s grandson was inside the house, but he quickly came out and yelled for assistance. We are grateful to all the neighbors who attempted to aid our mother.

Athena Stavrou5 February 2024 10:08


The individual involved in a deadly attack by a dangerous dog has been released on bail.

A 39-year-old man was taken into custody by Essex Police on suspicion of committing dangerous dog crimes following the passing of a 68-year-old grandmother. He has been granted conditional bail until March 5th.

The police department stated that they are currently conducting an investigation into the passing of Esther Martin, and are making significant headway.

Esther died after being attacked by two dogs described as XL Bullies while visiting her 11-year-old grandson in Jaywick.

Detective Superintendent Stuart Truss stated that the investigation into Esther’s death is moving forward positively. While the case is intricate, we are committed to providing Esther’s family with the closure they seek.

He stated that they are collaborating with specialists to verify the specific breed of the dogs. This process may require several days, but it is crucial to accurately determine it.

Athena Stavrou5 February 2024 10:37


View: Daughter of victim in alleged XL bully dog attack honors her mother’s memory.

The daughter of a woman who was fatally attacked by two suspected XL bully dogs wept as she honored her.

Law enforcement responded to a residence in Jaywick, Essex, after 4pm on Saturday and discovered a severely wounded individual identified by her loved ones as Esther Martin.

A 68-year-old individual from Woodford Green, London was declared deceased at the location. It is believed that the incident involved two large bully breed dogs.

During a live BBC interview on Monday (5 February), Sonia Martin, the daughter of Ms Martin, became emotional and wept while honoring her mother.

The daughter of the woman who was fatally attacked by a suspected XL bully dog cries as she honors her mother’s memory.

Athena Stavrou5 February 2024 10:49


The daughter shared that her mother passed away while attempting to divert the puppies’ attention from their quarrel.

The granddaughter of an elderly woman who died in a suspected attack by an aggressive XL dog stated that her grandmother was fatally injured while attempting to separate the puppies during a fight.

Unfortunately, Esther Martin passed away on Saturday in Jaywick, Essex while visiting her grandson.

According to her daughter, Sonia Martin, the 68-year-old victim was assaulted while carrying out the owner’s instructions to use a broom to distract the puppies if they started fighting. The owner was not present at the time.

She stated that the owner had left her mother alone with the dogs and her nephew, despite her mother expressing concerns about the situation.

According to his instructions to my mother, if the puppies were engaging in a fight, she should use a broom to divert their attention. This involved running the broom over the floor and shaking it to get the puppies to stop fighting and instead chase after the broom.

“As we comprehend it, this was when my mother was assaulted.”

Athena Stavrou5 February 2024 11:04


Can you explain what an XL bully dog is?

According to the UK government’s official breed definition, the breed is characterized by a “heavy, large and broad” head and a “blocky or slightly squared” muzzle.

The American bully dog has a variant known as the XL, which indicates its size. There are four categories based on size: pocket, standard, classic, and XL. The XL type typically measures 33-50cm in height and weighs between 20-60kg.

According to the definition, the height of a male dog is considered to be 20 inches (51 cm) at the withers, while the height of a female dog is considered to be 19 inches (48 cm) at the withers.

It is often characterized as having a strong, muscular build with a large, solid body that exudes strength and power. Its coat is shiny, sleek, and tightly fitting.

Athena Stavrou5 February 2024 11:27


Both dogs responsible for deadly attack have been euthanized.

The police killed both dogs involved in the deadly attack on a 68-year-old grandmother on Saturday.

The Essex Police stated that the dogs were put down while inside the house, after receiving a call to a residence in Jaywick, near Clacton-on-Sea at around 4pm.

Yesterday, Chief Superintendent Glen Pavelin commended the responding officers and members of the public who made efforts to assist.

According to him, the main concern of the Essex Police officers when they entered the house was, as usual, to ensure the safety of the community.

Thanks to their unwavering courage and expertise, the people of Essex can rest assured that there is no longer a danger stemming from this event. The dogs involved were euthanized inside the house.

One resident informed the BBC that they witnessed law enforcement entering the residence and killing the dogs. 74-year-old Mike Coleman stated that he observed a man approaching the location and yelling.

He exclaimed, “He began hitting the windows frantically and urgently told us to call the police.”

My spouse called them and shortly after, the police arrived – first two cars, then three, and eventually five, and proceeded to block off the road.

“I heard the sound of their destruction, and then there was nothing else.”

Athena Stavrou5 February 2024 12:20


Were the dogs that participated in the attack on Saturday extra-large bullies?

A 68-year-old grandmother passed away on Saturday during a visit to her grandson, believed to be the result of an XL bully assault.

The police have not officially stated the type of dogs that caused Ester Martin’s death, but her neighbors and daughter have identified them as XL bullies, which are now prohibited in the UK.

Determining the breed of a dog is a task that can be done by police or experienced dog professionals, although it may require a significant amount of time.

According to canine expert Colin Tennant, this process involves identifying specific traits, which can result in a dog being classified as a banned breed regardless of being a mix with an unbanned breed.

Stuart Truss, the Acting Detective Superintendent of Essex Police, stated that they are collaborating with specialists to determine the breed of the dogs. This process may require a few days, but accuracy is crucial.

“I urge individuals to refrain from speculating about this matter – we will verify the information and continuously inform the Jaywick community.”

Athena Stavrou5 February 2024 12:35


What does the restriction on XL bullies entail?

Due to increasing pressure from the public and multiple incidents of XL bullies causing harm, the government implemented a ban on the breed, which officially went into effect on February 1st.

Starting on December 31, 2023, it became against the law in England and Wales to breed, sell, advertise, exchange, gift, abandon, or let XL bully dogs roam freely.

Large breed aggressive dogs must now be restrained and wear a muzzle when in public. They also need to have a microchip and be spayed or neutered. Puppies under one year have until the end of 2024 to be spayed or neutered, while older dogs must be spayed or neutered by June.

By February 1, 2024, owners were required to have their XL bullies registered on the exempted dog index. After this date, it will be against the law to own an unregistered XL bully.

Athena Stavrou5 February 2024 13:10


Possible rewording: The alleged target of an XL bully was in the process of rebuilding their life after the loss of their daughter.

The person who was targeted in an alleged XL bullying incident was in the process of rebuilding their life after losing their daughter two years ago. Tragically, they were killed on Saturday.

While visiting her grandson in Jaywick, Essex, 68-year-old Ester Martin was assaulted by two dogs. According to her daughter and neighbors, the dogs were large bully breeds.

Sonia Martin, age 47, stated that her mother used to be employed at Tesco in Leyton, east London, but had retired around the time of her daughter’s passing. Her mother was starting to rebuild her life after the loss.

She mentioned to the BBC that she enjoyed taking day trips, especially on coaches. She had even made reservations for a couple of trips with one of her nieces.

Athena Stavrou5 February 2024 13:40

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