A shooting in Lewiston, Maine is currently being reported live. After the shooter was found dead, victims were remembered at a vigil.

A shooting in Lewiston, Maine is currently being reported live. After the shooter was found dead, victims were remembered at a vigil.

The governor of Maine has confirmed that the suspect in the Lewiston shooting has been found deceased.

After the death of Robert Card, the alleged shooter in the Maine mass shooting that resulted in 18 deaths and 13 injuries, the healing process in Maine has begun. With the removal of shelter-in-place orders, residents are coming together for vigils and creating memorials throughout Lewiston to honor the lives lost in this tragic event.

According to law enforcement sources, it is believed that Card committed suicide following a dayslong search after the shocking violence that occurred in Lewiston, Maine.

The authorities officially identified the victims, whose ages ranged from 14 to 76 years old.

It was announced on Friday morning that a message had been discovered, but its details were not disclosed.

Search teams had also combed the nearby river where Mr. Card’s SUV was discovered, and at one point, a lettuce farm was inspected following reports of a gunshot.

The mandate to stay indoors has been lifted, permitting individuals from Lewiston, Lisbon, and Bowdoin to depart from their homes for the first time since Wednesday evening.

In a statement on Saturday, President Biden expressed his belief that Americans should not be forced to endure such circumstances. He called on Congress to take action and put an end to the ongoing issue of gun violence.

Reporting from Lewiston are Sheila Flynn and Andrea Blanco.


As the vigil begins, we honor and remember the victims of the shootings.

<p>Maine Shooting</p>

Maine Shooting

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The second vigil will take place at 6pm on Sunday.

The vigil for the 18 victims of the mass shooting will take place from 6-8pm on Sunday at the Franco Center in Lewiston.

Yesterday evening, a gathering with candles was organized at Worumbo in Lisbon.

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Images of Lewiston as the town recovers

<p>Lewiston, Maine was under a shelter-in-place order for days </p>

The city of Lewiston, Maine was subject to a shelter-in-place mandate for several days.

<p>Remembering those lost in the Lewiston, Maine shooting</p>

Honoring those who were killed in the shooting in Lewiston, Maine and keeping their memory alive.

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Unresolved inquiries in the aftermath of the mass shooting.

As the extensive search for the suspect concluded, numerous inquiries remained unanswered.

What was the reason behind it?

What did the enigmatic message contain?

Is it possible to have prevented the tragedy?

Rachel Sharp from The Independent conducts an investigation…

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What we know about the suspect from social media posts

The individual demonstrated a fascination with conservative commentators and political ideologies on X, formerly known as Twitter, prior to having their account removed by the platform.

He showed interest in content from Elon Musk, Donald Trump Jr, Tucker Carlson, and Jordan Peterson. He seemed to be drawn to posts expressing anti-trans beliefs, as well as those discussing gun rights, the coronavirus, and the economy.

Liking a post does not necessarily mean that he approved of the content, and there is no evidence that it was a political attack.

The individual’s profile on X was recorded by Heavy.com before being removed by the platform in accordance with their policy. The profile picture on that account seems to be consistent with images shared by authorities.

During the month of March, he favorited a post on Twitter from Trump Jr. that stated:

“Considering the significant increase of mass shooters who identify as trans or non-binary in recent years… with this group making up the highest percentage of the population… perhaps instead of focusing on gun control, we should address the issue of individuals forcing their gender affirmation beliefs onto our children?”

In March, he showed his approval of a video post by Carlson, a previous Fox News analyst. The post included the statement: “The trans movement is essentially the opposite of Christianity, making it their ultimate rival. Those who see themselves as divine cannot handle the reminder that they are not.”

The coronavirus was another topic that caught the suspect’s interest. They showed support for a few posts that doubted the effectiveness of vaccines and the need for public health restrictions.

According to Heavy.com, the suspect’s activity on the platform consisted of following a select few accounts, including a pro-Donald Trump page called Proud Patriots, Elon Musk’s account, Mark Cuban’s account, CNBC’s business network, and Joe Rogan. They also engaged with multiple accounts of Republican politicians, such as former House speaker Kevin McCarthy and Jim Jordan.

The individual showed interest in at least two updates from President Joe Biden’s page, regarding his administration’s actions to address inflation and taxes. They also liked multiple posts from Jim Cramer, the host of CNBC.

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In case you missed it, Robert Card was eventually located after a multi-day search.

On Wednesday, Public Safety Commissioner Michael Sauschuck announced that Card’s relatives were among the initial callers who identified the individual in the suspect images as Card.

On Wednesday night, a “vehicle of interest” was found and identified as a white Subaru station wagon owned by a resident of Bowdoin.

Several days later, the owner of the Maine Recycling Corporation contacted the police, even though they had already been cleared twice. According to Mr Sauschuck, the owner claimed that the individual involved was familiar with the property and advised the police to search the overflow lot trailers.

The individual, aged 40, was discovered in one of the 60 box trailers located in the extra parking area. It is suspected that he took his own life.

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in a boat accident

Lewiston community grieves the loss of 18 individuals in tragic boating incident.

On Friday, Alex McMahan brought back “a large amount of flowers” to add to the existing memorials.

On Saturday, he mentioned that all of those areas have expanded due to people bringing flowers, poems, prayers, pictures, and crosses.

Mourners were departing Jack-o-lanterns in the vicinity of Just-In-Time Recreation. According to Mr. McMahan, Mr. Conrad had intentions of carving pumpkins at the bowling alley for his nine-year-old daughter and some of the local children.

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The countenances of those who have been affected.

<p>The Maine mass shooting victims: (top row l-r) Ronald G Morin, Peyton Brewer-Ross, Joshua A Seal, Bryan M MacFarlane, Joseph Lawrence Walker, Arthur Fred Strout; (second row l-r) Maxx A Hathaway, Stephen M Vozella, Thomas Ryan Conrad, Michael R Deslauriers II, Jason Adam Walker, Tricia C Asselin; (bottom row l-r) William A Young, Aaron Young, Robert E Violette and Lucille M Violette, William Frank Brackett, Keith D Macneir </p>

The individuals who tragically lost their lives in the Maine mass shooting are as follows: Ronald G Morin, Peyton Brewer-Ross, Joshua A Seal, Bryan M MacFarlane, Joseph Lawrence Walker, Arthur Fred Strout (top row from left to right); Maxx A Hathaway, Stephen M Vozella, Thomas Ryan Conrad, Michael R Deslauriers II, Jason Adam Walker, Tricia C Asselin (second row from left to right); William A Young, Aaron Young, Robert E Violette and Lucille M Violette, William Frank Brackett, Keith D Macneir (bottom row from left to right).

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The last message sent to the victim of the Maine shooting who bravely attempted to stop the shooter, has been revealed and it is heart-wrenching.

Tommy Conrad, also known as Thomas, had intended to host a pumpkin carving event for children in the Lewiston community at the bowling alley. However, his plans were tragically disrupted when a shooter opened fire, resulting in the loss of 18 lives.

Currently, individuals are placing Jack-o-lanterns outside of the Just-In-Time Recreation center as a way to honor the 34-year-old manager who lost his life during the altercation while attempting to subdue the assailant.

After learning about the mass shooting, Alex McMahan reached out to his friend Conrad, with whom he co-owns several dispensaries in the vicinity, and asked, “Are you safe, my brother?”

According to Mr McMahan, it’s clear that he did not receive a response to his text message, as reported by The Independent.

Please take the time to peruse the entire narrative…

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A significant indication of danger before the Lewiston shooting has been uncovered.

The Associated Press reported that a warning was issued in September for the whole state to be on the lookout for Robert Card, who had made threats against the base and other soldiers in Saco, Maine. Despite searching both his home and the base, authorities were unable to locate Card.

According to Saco Police Chief Jack Clements, we increased our patrols for a period of two weeks, but the individual in question never appeared.

Sheriff Joel Merry of Sagadahoc County stated that he issued an awareness alert to all law enforcement agencies in the state following a welfare check to Card’s residence by one of his deputies, which yielded no sign of Card.

Sheriff Merry stated that they were unable to find him and mentioned that he could not remember if there was any further action taken because he did not have any reports in front of him.

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