A recent report discloses the reason behind a massive fire in the car park at Luton Airport.

A recent report discloses the reason behind a massive fire in the car park at Luton Airport.

According to a recent report, an accidental fire broke out in a large car park at Luton Airport.

A joint investigation by Bedfordshire Police and Bedfordshire Fire & Rescue Service into the fire in October found that the most likely cause was an electrical issue or mechanical failure in the engine compartment while the vehicle was in motion.

According to a statement from the fire and rescue team, the incident was unintentional.

The report stated that the owner attempted to extinguish the fire, but it eventually engulfed other parts and nearby parked cars.

According to the report, the vehicle in question had a diesel engine and was not a mild hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or electric vehicle. This contradicts popular online rumors that the fire was caused by a battery-powered car.

On October 10, a large fire engulfed a car park and resulted in the destruction of over 1,400 vehicles. The incident was deemed a major emergency and required the response of 100 firefighters at its peak. The blaze also advanced through multiple levels of the parking structure, leading to a partial collapse.

The aftermath of the fire at Terminal Car Park 2 in Luton Airport.

The occurrence resulted in airplanes being unable to fly until the following day.

Luton Airport has shared registration information for 1,405 vehicles with the Motor Insurers’ Bureau. Additionally, the airport and parking provider APCOA have addressed approximately 16,500 customer inquiries related to the fire.

According to the Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service, a comprehensive incident report is anticipated to be released sometime in the summer.

Approximately 40,000 to 50,000 travelers were impacted by 273 flights that were suspended, cancelled, or rerouted.

A family from Poland, who were on vacation in London, described sleeping on the ground at Luton Airport due to the fire.

Gregorz Szmit, aged 46, stated that their flight bound for Gdansk was scheduled to depart at 9:50 PM on Tuesday but ended up departing at 7:30 PM on Wednesday.

Mr. Szmit, who is currently at the terminal with his wife and two sons (ages 7 and 15), stated: “We were on a 5-day vacation to visit London and see places such as the British Museum and Trafalgar Square. This is quite challenging, I must admit.”

“We are embarking on our inaugural trip to England, specifically to London. It has been quite an exciting experience.”

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