A judge appointed by Trump dismisses six counts in election meddling case in Georgia.

A judge appointed by Trump dismisses six counts in election meddling case in Georgia.

In a statement, Trump emphasized that the 2024 election will be the most critical day in the history of the United States.

The judge in charge of the Georgia election tampering case against Donald Trump and his co-defendants has dismissed six accusations from the initial indictment, citing a lack of specificity and insufficient time for the defendants to build their defenses.

On Wednesday, Judge Scott McAfee of the Fulton County Superior Court made a ruling that six charges, three of which pertain to the ex-president, should be dismissed.

The numbers 2, 5, 6, 23, 28, and 38 fall under the category of “soliciting the violation of an oath of office”.

According to Judge McAfee, the state provided enough evidence to support their claims, but it lacked sufficient detail for the defendants to properly prepare their defense. For example, the state failed to specify the exact nature of the commission in question.

Only three of those – five, 28 and 38 – apply to the former president. The other apply to co-defendants Rudy Giuliani, John Eastman, Mark Meadows, Ray Smith or Robert Cheeley.

Judge McAfee stated that the state has the option to pursue a reindictment in addition to the existing six counts.


The one matter that Republicans refuse to agree with Trump on is TikTok.

Eric Garcia writes:

In the time following Donald Trump’s rise within the Republican Party, elected representatives have rarely gone against him. The consequences of disobedience have always been deemed too severe.

They refrained from contradicting him when he went against GOP beliefs on free trade. They chose to not oppose him after the release of a phone call transcript, which showed he requested for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate Joe Biden. Despite this, many still voted to contest the election results following the Capitol riot. Recently, they blocked a bill that would have traded limitations on immigration for assistance to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan.

However, on Wednesday, Republicans discovered a boundary they were willing to transgress with the former and possibly future president: TikTok.

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Stephen Colbert ridicules the ‘ridiculous’ Robert Hur hearing.

The story is brought to you by Amelia Neath.

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In case you missed it, Trump intends to hold attorneys responsible for the hush money situation.

Donald Trump has informed the presiding judge of his upcoming criminal trial in New York City that he plans to use a legal approach that assigns accountability for supposed unlawful actions to the guidance of his lawyers.

The ex-president is anticipated to defend, at least partially, that he cannot be accountable for purportedly altering financial documents to hide payments made to an adult film actress because he was following the guidance of his legal team.

However, the statement issued by his legal team on Tuesday states that Mr. Trump will not invoke a “formal” use of the commonly referred to “advice-of-counsel” defense.

Alex Woodward reports:

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A judge in Georgia has dropped six charges against Donald Trump and his co-defendants.

The judge presiding over the lawsuit regarding Donald Trump’s meddling in the election in Georgia has dropped multiple charges against the ex-president and five other defendants, but has made it clear that this does not mean the entire indictment has been dismissed.

Judge Scott McAfee of Fulton County Superior Court did not dismiss the racketeering charges against all defendants involved in the extensive election interference case. Additionally, he declined to dismiss specific “overt acts” mentioned in the indictment against them.

The judge dropped three accusations against Mr Trump that were related to an alleged attempt to pressure state officials into breaking their promises and overturn Georgia’s election results in order for him to win the 2020 presidential election.

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The CEO of the company that provided bond for Trump’s accuser, E Jean Carroll, says that they remain impartial and do not take sides.

He stated on Wednesday that Chubb’s involvement “is unrelated to the basic worth or any favoritism towards any party involved in the case”.

According to Mr. Greenburg, the bond is “fully collateralized,” but he did not disclose the specific assets that are being utilized as collateral.

“As the guarantor, we do not show bias, as it would be unethical for us to do so. We are impartial and are simply involved in the legal process, including this particular case,” the letter stated. “When Chubb issues an appeal bond, it is not making determinations about the claims, even if they involve accusations of misconduct.”

I am aware of the controversy and strong emotions surrounding this case and the person being accused. It would be simple for Chubb to reject any involvement. However, we believe in upholding the law and fulfilling our responsibilities within it. Despite our personal opinions, we deemed this to be the appropriate course of action.

A subsequent correspondence from the organization elucidated that despite being appointed to a trade advisory panel by the previous president in 2018, Mr. Greenburg also continued to serve on the committee during President Joe Biden’s administration.

Chubb is a worldwide supplier of insurance products and holds the title of being the biggest publicly traded insurance company for property and casualties.

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Can you provide an update on the status of Trump’s appeal bond for his civil fraud case?

To challenge the decision made in his case for civil fraud, Donald Trump is required to provide either money or a bond equivalent to the amount he is indebted to the state of New York.

On February 20th, Alina Habba, the lawyer representing him, informed Newsmax of the ex-president’s financial ability to pay.

Today, she appeared on Fox News following the posting of a bond for the E Jean Carroll defamation case.

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Trump is using the dropping of charges against him in Georgia as a fundraising opportunity.

The Trump Save America JFC is fundraising off the back of six charges being dropped from the sprawling racketeering indictment in Fulton County, Georgia against Donald Trump and fourteen co-defendants.

The previous leader stated in a message to followers:

A judge in Georgia has recently dismissed six of the charges filed against me.

The ongoing battle from Fani Willis, fueled by corruption, against me is beginning to fall apart. However, the numerous unjust investigations are still moving full speed ahead.

I still face charges in Georgia.

The Department of Justice under Joe Biden is continuously attempting to prosecute me with false and baseless accusations.

My court case in New York will commence at the conclusion of this month.

This win is significant, but we require your support now more than ever!

The Democratic party believes they can intimidate me, but I will never back down or give up!

By the end of the day, I am urging ONE MILLION PRO-TRUMP supporters to donate and demand an end to the unjust investigation against President Trump!

Your support has been the reason I have been able to hold on.

Biden is coordinating this Election Interference. They’re trying to damage me to win another election.

However, keep in mind that they are not targeting me.

They are pursuing you – I am simply obstructing them!

If you’re tired of constantly being targeted with Witch Hunts, I need your help immediately!

Join me today.

We will strive to restore America’s greatness!

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Have any charges been dismissed in the case of election interference in Georgia?

The Georgia judge presiding over the legal case involving Donald Trump and his co-defendants has dismissed six accusations from the initial indictment, stating that they lack specificity and do not provide adequate time for the defendants to build competent defenses.

On Wednesday, Judge Scott McAfee from the Fulton County Superior Court declared that six charges, three of which pertain to the ex-president, should be dismissed.

The following are the numerical values: two, five, six, 23, 28, and 38. They all indicate a “Solicitation of violation of oath of office by public officer.”

Rudy Giuliani, John Eastman, and Ray Smith have all been charged.

Count five charged Mr Trump.

Six individuals, Mr. Giuliani and Mr. Smith included, were charged.

Count 23 charged Mr Giuliani, Mr Smith and Robert Cheeley.

Twenty-eight charges have been filed against Mr. Trump and Mr. Meadows.

There were 38 charges brought against Mr. Trump.

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Donald Trump has chosen a North Carolina representative to collaborate with religious organizations and marginalized communities.

Donald Trump has selected Congressman Mark Walker from North Carolina to be a part of his campaign staff and focus on engaging with faith-based organizations and minority communities.

Earlier today, the ex-president revealed the news on Truth Social.

I have invited Congressman Mark Walker to join my Campaign team in collaborating with Faith Groups and Minority Communities, and he has graciously accepted. During his time in the U.S. House of Representatives, Mark championed the FUTURE ACT, initiated a paid internship program for HBCUs on Capitol Hill, and organized the largest fly-in for HBCU Chancellors to meet with top leaders in the country. He is the only Republican Congressman to have received the prestigious UNCF President’s List Award and delivered the Commencement Address at a distinguished HBCU. With his background as a former Pastor, Mark is highly regarded among Evangelical Communities and has demonstrated his faith while in Congress. We have achieved many successes together and look forward to continuing to foster connections with all Communities across our Nation and furthering this crucial work in the White House. Welcome aboard, Mark!

The Washington Post has confirmed with a representative of Mr. Walker that he will no longer pursue a primary runoff in his district. This decision paves the way for Addison McDowell, who has been endorsed by Trump, to secure the seat.

Burgess Everett of Politico notes what a wild few years it was been for Mr Walker:

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Watch: Viral video shows Trump appear to ignore his grandson at UFC match

A video that went viral shows Trump seemingly disregarding his grandson at a UFC fight.

Ariana Baio13 March 2024 18:00

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