SNL star Chloe Fineman hits back at critics over her Cannes red carpet appearance

SNL star Chloe Fineman hits back at critics over her Cannes red carpet appearance

Saturday Night Live star Chloe Fineman has addressed negative comments surrounding her appearance at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival.

The comedian, 35, walked the red carpet at the annual film festival in Cannes, France, on 16 May for the premiere of director Francis Ford Coppola’s Megapolis. For the occasion, Fineman was dressed in a red, shimmering floor-length gown by Celine, which featured a strapless neckline and a bow detailing on the bodice. She accessorised the look with a diamond Cartier necklace.

The popular Instagram account Check The Tag, which is dedicated to posting photos of celebrities and details about their outfits, reposted a photo of Fineman from the red carpet. However, there were many trolls who left negative remarks about the actor’s red carpet look in the comments section.

“These pictures are weird. Her head looks too big for her body or something,” one Instagram user wrote.

“Very odd proportions here,” another person said.

“This dress is giving us nothing,” a third user commented.

In response, Fineman took to the comments section to hit back at the criticism, while also sharing an important reminder. “No need to be so mean! Thank you,” she commented, along with a red heart emoji.

Despite the negative comments, there were also some fans who defended Fineman from the social media trolls.

“You look beautiful, ignore all these trolls with fake confidence behind their screens,” one user replied to Fineman.

“You’re the one at Cannes – no need to worry about loser opinions,” another person said, while someone else wrote: “Yikes. These comments aren’t it. She looks gorgeous!!! Imagine feeling beautiful and confident walking out the door only to see awful things said about your look online.”

Fineman posed with Megapolis co-stars Adam Driver and Aubrey Plaza ahead of the premiere of Coppola’s self-funded $120m (£94m) epic. The 140-minute film received mixed reviews following its Cannes debut, where it received a seven-minute standing ovation. However, there were also reports of booing from the audience after the film ended.

The SNL star pulled another memorable look during the 4 May episode of the long-running NBC sketch show, in which she appeared as Jojo Siwa during the “Weekend Update” segment. Fineman was dressed as Siwa in her “Karma” music video, resembling a member of the rock band KISS with black eye makeup and a mohawk.

‘SNL’ star Chloe Fineman hits back at trolls over her Cannes red carpet appearance (Instagram / Chloe Fineman)

“I’m a bad girl now!” Fineman told co-host Colin Jost as Siwa. “Yeah, it’s a pretty big change. I used to be way more sparkles and now I’m black sparkles.”

The sketch went on to poke fun at Siwa’s outfit, as well as her comments about her sexuality. “I’m 20 and I’m gay!” Fineman’s character said. “I’m the first gay girl in the world! Bet you never met a gay girl before!”

The real Siwa rose to fame as a dancer on the US series Dance Moms between 2015 and 2016. She came out as gay in 2021, though she’s recently received criticism for claiming to have invented a “new genre” of music called “gay pop”.

While some viewers applauded Fineman’s impression of Siwa, branding it a “highlight” of the episode, others argued that the show’s mockery of Siwa crossed the line and was “starting to border on straight up bullying”.

“Wtf,” one person commented. “Look, I’m not a Jojo Siwa fan, but a bunch of adults getting together to make fun of a 20-year-old is just awful and pathetic. Just let her be a young person and figure out how to be a young adult. No I don’t think the ‘Karma’ video is the best rebrand but why on earth do you guys care so much?”

“Guys it’s over SNL killed Jojo Siwa we can all go home now,” another person joked.