How Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour makeup stays in place all night

How Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour makeup stays in place all night

Taylor Swift’s signature red lip and feline flick are bold looks to maintain at any time – let alone on stage in the piping summer heat, with a three-hour-long choreographed dance routine to get through.

Throughout Swift’s Eras Tour, one of the most asked questions on every fan’s lips has surely been: how does her makeup stay in place all night?

Through rain and storm (quite literally, in some cases), Swift’s makeup has not budged throughout her performances. Although her Eras makeup artist is yet to be revealed, an alleged leaking of Swift’s exact makeup routine on Instagram has unveiled her most used and favourite products.

Unsurprisingly, the list is almost entirely Pat McGrath, a legendary makeup artist who starred in the pop sensation’s Bejeweled music video.

Unless you’re looking to spend a small fortune on Pat McGrath Labs, here’s how you can recreate Swift’s unbudgeable glam look with similar products – some you may already have…

Start with a blank space

The importance of prep work is always relevant, whether you’re singing to 90,000 fans or priming your skin for a long-lasting look. Luckily, unless you’re Taylor Swift, you only have to focus on one of these at a time.

Channelling Swift’s 2014 hit, Blank Space, face primer acts as a glue for your makeup to stick to and fills in fine lines and pores, providing a smooth slate for foundation or concealer application.

BY TERRY Hyaluronic Hydra Primer Mini 15g, £18, Sephora

Different primers are used for different skin types and concerns. If you find your skin gets shiny throughout the day – and not in the radiant sort of way – reach for a mattifying or powdered primer. If a dewy base is your goal, opt for products that feature words like ‘hydrating’, ‘dewy’ or ‘glowing’.

Maybelline Fit Me! Matte + Poreless Primer, currently £7.98 (usually £9.99), Amazon

Capture Swift’s poreless-perfect skin with a mattifying primer that ensures a non-cakey application. Opting for matte finishes means there is less oil in the product, meaning it’s less likely to budge throughout the day.

Cat eyes sharp enough to kill

‘Draw the cat eye, sharp enough to kill a man…’, Swift sang on her album Midnight – a motto she stands by throughout her Eras makeup looks.

There is a subtle, but important difference between winged and cat-eye liner. Winged eyeliner is only on the top lid with a flicked-out end.

A cat-eye has the top winged out, but the bottom lid is also lined with the eyeliner connecting to the winged top, making a triangle shape.

Clarins Waterproof Eyeliner, £23, John Lewis

Swift’s use of the more sultry cat-eye means both a matte liquid liner and kohl pencil are needed. Crucially, opting for products that are labelled ‘waterproof’ instead of those marketed as 24-hour, will ensure better staying power and longevity.

Enrich & Elevate Eyeliner, £21, ICONIC London

Red (lip) era

If there’s one thing other than breakup songs that Swift can guarantee, it’s a crisp red lip. Converting gloss-devotees to the bold matte look, the star is selective with the shades and formulas she uses.

As a newbie to the statement lip, you should note that there is not just one shade of red to choose from – and what makes Swift’s matte red pop so much is the fact there’s a blue undertone.

Finding your your skin’s undertone is essential before picking your ideal lipstick shade. An easy trick is if you suit silver jewellery, you’re most likely ‘cool’ toned, and if you suit gold jewellery, you’re most likely ‘warm’ toned. Opt for red mattes that share the undertone of your skin – either cool blues or warm pinks.

Signature Lip Lightweight Lipstick in Vermillion, £28, MERIT