6 Simple Breakfast Ideas for Busy Mornings

We get it: Unless you happen to be keen about being a participant in an upcoming season of “MasterChef”, gourmet breakfasts can sometimes (all the time?) not be your thing. All those extra minutes required to prep and cook an exquisite breakfast? We reckon they’re
6 Simple Breakfast Ideas for Busy Mornings

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We get it: Unless you happen to be keen about being a participant in an upcoming season of “MasterChef”, gourmet breakfasts can sometimes (all the time?) not be your thing. All those extra minutes required to prep and cook an exquisite breakfast? We reckon they’re better spent scrolling through kittens on Instagram while still in bed — that is if we haven’t spent the previous night binging on Netflix, causing us to hit the snooze button for the seventh time in the morning.

While we may not be the early to bed and early to rise type of people or even the biggest fans of the kitchen, we’re still pretty keen on breakfast because we truly believe that it’s the most important meal of the day.

If you’re constantly experiencing your own personal morning rush hour before you even head out the door, or if you’d rather be in Barbados than slaving away in the kitchen, we’ve got you.

How? The following easy breakfast recipes will have you out the door in no time on busy mornings and believe it or not, they’re good for you too.

Simple Breakfast Ideas to Get You Going

Here’s the hard truth: American breakfasts are often so full of sugar, you’d be forgiven for thinking the healthier option would be to simply go without. Thankfully, low-sugar and healthy breakfasts do exist, and even better, some require five ingredients or less, or take a mere few steps to cook up.

It’s time to ditch that granola bar. Here are some easy breakfast ideas that won’t give you a mid-morning sugar crash or require you to know the difference between a confit and a chiffonade. Are you ready to completely shake up your morning routine?

1. Healthy French Toast

Simple Breakfast Ideas:healthy french toast

Image: The Healthy Maven

Total cook time: 15 minutes

Number of ingredients: 10 (but 4 of them are spices and natural flavors, so they don’t really count)

It’s sweet, it’s creamy, and it’s custardy. No, we haven’t lost our minds. While this is a recipe for french toast, it’s not your run-of-the-mill stuff. This easy recipe is made using healthier ingredients like almond milk, coconut oil and fresh-squeezed orange juice, and is completely delish. And while french toast may be a brunch favorite, this recipe proves that it serves just as well on busy mornings. Pro tip: Don’t skimp on the bread when making this french toast: Crusty sourdough is the best option but challah works well too.

2. Mini Ham and Cheese Quinoa Cups

DSC 0112

Image: Iowa Girl Eats

Total cook time: 40 minutes

Number of ingredients: 9

Hear us out here, there is good reason why this recipe, with its long cook time and nine whole ingredients, has made it to our list of simple breakfast ideas, and it’s not just because it’s a healthy breakfast recipe. The truth about these little quinoa muffins is that you can totally cook them on a Sunday, freeze them, and grab one (or two) for when you need a fast breakfast option. And besides, there’s just one super-simple step involved in making them: mix in your protein-rich quinoa (to keep you going for longer) with some meat, cheddar cheese, and veggies, pop it in the oven, and you have yourself the perfect breakfast for even your busiest mornings.

3. Avocado Toast and Egg

Simple Breakfast Ideas: avocado toast with egg

Image: Simple Green Moms

Total cook time: 10 minutes

Number of ingredients: 4

Creamy avocado paired with a bouncy egg that’s cooked sunny-side up: can there be a better match in heaven (the royals formerly known as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle notwithstanding)? The combo of carb (bread), protein (eggs), and healthy fat (avocado) makes this a healthy meal, and this avocado toast recipe gives this simple breakfast a little pizazz thanks to lime juice, salt, and pepper, and if you’re so inclined, red pepper flakes or Sriracha sauce too.

4. Healthy Berry Yogurt Smoothie

Simple Breakfast Ideas: berry smoothie

Image: Chef Savvy

Total cook time: 5 minutes

Number of ingredients: 5

Seriously, what’s a list of simple breakfast ideas without a mention of smoothies? Smoothies really are the perfect healthy breakfast idea when you’re on-the-go. When done right—and this super-easy recipe totally is—they’re tasty, convenient, and will keep you full throughout the day. This perfect blend of bananas, blueberries, blackberries, Greek yogurt, and soy milk, gives this smoothie plenty of antioxidants, protein, and creamy goodness. And bonus: No added sugar, making this an awesome sugar-free breakfast.

5. Crispy Kale Grilled Cheese With Fried Eggs

crispy kale grilled cheese I howsweeteats.com 7

Image: How Sweet Eats

Total cook time: 30 minutes

Number of ingredients: 10 (including salt and 3 different types of spices)

Three key steps and four main ingredients (eggs, cheese, kale, and bread), this savory breakfast sandwich looks pretty gourmet but the recipe is anything but. Adding and crisping up the kale in this delicious sandwich ups your veggie intake for the day and the cheese and egg high-protein combo means you won’t need to worry about feeling hungry any time soon. Perfect as a vegetarian breakfast … and even as quick a high-protein lunch.

6. Fruity Waffle Parfaits

Fruity Waffle Parfaits EXPS BBBZ16 160359 C07 07 3b 696x696

Image: Taste of Home

Total cook time: 10 minutes

Number of ingredients: 5

Ready in 10 minutes, all using ingredients you probably already have at home? What are you going to do with all the spare time you’ll have from this simple breakfast idea? Almond butter or peanut butter gives this fruity and creamy breakfast and extra protein oomph, and while it does suggest adding maple syrup, we think the strawberries and bananas are really all the sweetness you need. And you know what? It looks absolutely gorgeous too (Read: plenty of Instagramming opportunities).

Super Simple Breakfast Ideas


There’s nothing simpler than pouring and eating, which is why cereal is a go-to breakfast choice. It’s probably why 86% of Americans consumed breakfast cereals in 2019. But cereal also has far more added sugar than you should be having — which is another reason why you should try these healthy simple breakfast ideas.

Now the only complicated decision you’d have to make is which flavor to choose: avocado and eggs, ham and quinoa, cinnamon bun french toast, fruity waffles, or crispy kale grilled cheeses.

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