The 8 Best Organic Makeup Brands For Skincare

The natural beauty industry has come a long way. Early products were inferior and simply not as effective as synthetic makeup products. Today, natural beauty products are staples in makeup artists’ bags and are promoted by Hollywood and famous stars. As the industry grows, so
The 8 Best Organic Makeup Brands For Skincare

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The natural beauty industry has come a long way. Early products were inferior and simply not as effective as synthetic makeup products. Today, natural beauty products are staples in makeup artists’ bags and are promoted by Hollywood and famous stars. As the industry grows, so do the natural options for consumers looking for better ways to take care of their skin without harmful chemicals.

Here, we’ll help break down the clean beauty industry and introduce you to our favorite natural makeup brands. You’ll find organic makeup brands that deliver everything from eyeshadow and lip gloss to liquid foundation.

What Do Natural and Organic Mean?

Before we introduce some of our favorite organic makeup brands, it’s important to define what the terms natural and organic entail. The FDA and USDA do not have strict regulations for the terms. The word “natural” is often used simply as a marketing term and does not necessarily reflect the integrity of the product.

For truly natural products, you’ll need to look for European certifications such as Ecocert and Cosmos Natural or Cosmos Organic. The word “organic” also doesn’t have strict regulations when used in makeup products. The term is only enforced when it applies to food products.  When looking for clean beauty products, use tools like the Environmental Working Group’s Consumer Guides.

photo 1515688594390 b649af70d282The 8 Best Organic Makeup Brands To Try Today

1. Ilia Beauty

Ilia Beauty is the perfect representation of the clean beauty industry. They emphasize that not all-natural ingredients are good for skin while all synthetics don’t necessarily cause harm. They work to blend effective and healthy naturals and synthetics into their cosmetics for high-performing cosmetics.

Every product is formulated using a mix of organic botanicals and safe synthetics and wrapped in packaging that is sustainable and recyclable. Try their best-seller mascara, serum-infused foundation, or the skin-improving cover-up.

2. W3LL People

W3LL People offers clean beauty products that adhere to their “pre as a saint, sexy as sin” motto. Their products feature organic botanicals including chamomile and green tea to boost skin health and are always free from Petro ingredients and harsh preservatives.

This is also one of the clean beauty brands that offer alternatives to SPF sunscreens using naturally-sourced ingredients. The company also regularly offers free makeup samples with each purchase so you can try out their newest and greatest products without the commitment.

photo 1487412912498 0447578fcca83. Kjaer Weis

Kjaer Weis is the brainchild of Kirsten Kjaer Weis and pronounced /keer/why-s. The high-performing, luxury beauty brand offers products that are organic and sustainable. Offering minimalism, bold standards, and natural ingredients that work, this brand is the darling of the clean beauty industry. The brand only uses certified natural and organic ingredients wrapped in sustainable packaging including bold metal compacts. Try the cream blush or highlighter for a natural glow.

4. Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty offers clean products using nutrient-rich organic botanical juices in place of water fillers and petroleum byproducts. They only use ingredients that are backed by clinical studies and focus on sourcing ingredients from sustainable farms.

Some of their most powerful ingredients include vitamin C and fruit stem cells, peptides, hyaluronic acid, and natural essential oils. There are options for all skin tones and types from sensitive skin to oily skin. For personal care, try the Stem Cellular Replenishing Oil or the Mineral Moisturizer.

5. Bite Beauty

Bite Beauty is renowned in the makeup industry for its luscious lipsticks. The lip colors feature a creamy base that helps hydrate lips and reflects stunning color. The brand uses only food-grade ingredients and all products are free from parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. All of their products are vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and clean. We recommend the nighttime agave lip therapy and the weekly lip scrub to properly hydrate your pout.

photo 1503236823255 94609f598e716. Vapour Organic Beauty

Vapour Beauty offers a makeup line packed with organic ingredients including antioxidants and all-natural moisturizers. Try their foundations and concealers that allows for buildable coverage so you get the right look no matter what your preferred makeup look is. The brand also focuses heavily on stick products, which are easy to use and even easier to stash in your bag.

7. 100% Pure Beauty

100% Pure Beauty strives to offer high-quality makeup made with natural ingredients. You’ll find everything from skin-care lotions starring shea butter to highly pigmented lip colors. The brand emphasizes using only the highest quality organic ingredients and doesn’t add any synthetic fillers. Plue, the brand is cruelty-free and has a philanthropic side animal-lovers will adore. For each purchase, the company donates a bowl of dog food to local animal shelters.

photo 1562887284 8ba6b7c90fd88. RMS Beauty

RMS Beauty is one of the old guard brands in the clean beauty industry. They have delivered high-performing natural products for more than 10 years all without synthetic fragrances and mineral oils. Pure RMS products are made with raw, food-grade and organic ingredients that are not stripped or altered in any way.

The makeup brand focuses on using low-heat processes to avoid damaging the healthy components of their natural ingredients. The brand also strives to produce a wide range of color that makes the brand fun and youthful. Try their mainstay Living Luminizer for a highlighter that is subtle, yet effective and works with just about any foundation.

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