Best Natural Toothpaste

The demand for natural products has skyrocketed in recent years. As people learn more and more about the chemicals and ingredients in synthetic products, there has been a shift to a desire for more natural ingredients. Toothpaste is no exception and all-natural ingredients such as
Best Natural Toothpaste

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The demand for natural products has skyrocketed in recent years. As people learn more and more about the chemicals and ingredients in synthetic products, there has been a shift to a desire for more natural ingredients. Toothpaste is no exception and all-natural ingredients such as coconut oil and charcoal have emerged as leading options.

The main argument for all-natural toothpaste is the presence of things like lauryl sulfate and fluoride in conventional toothpaste like Colgate. While fluoride is a naturally occurring ingredient, there are many people who look for options without it.

Whether you want a more natural fluoride-free toothpaste or a conventional toothpaste with fewer chemical ingredients, we’re here to help. Here, we’ll show you the best natural toothpaste ingredients so you can select the best toothpaste brands for your needs.

photo 1550985543 f1ea83691cd8The Best Natural Toothpaste Ingredients

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a known odor-fighting agent. It’s a common ingredient in all-natural deodorants and can also be found everywhere from refrigerators to dresser drawers. The natural powder helps to absorb odors to keep things smelling fresh and clean. This ingredient offers antibacterial properties that help to treat bad breath and promote oral health.

Baking soda can be abrasive to tooth enamel so limit your use to once or twice per week or add it in small amounts to other ingredients for a more complex toothpaste. If you’re looking for a ready-made toothpaste with baking soda, check out the options from Desert Essence.

Coconut Oil

Organic coconut oil is a popular fresh breath treatment used in a technique known as oil pulling. The process involves swirling a tablespoon of coconut oil around your mouth for 30 seconds to one minute. The ingredient is also popular in whitening toothpaste from cruelty-free natural brands like Jason, Hello Oral Care, and Desert Essence.

Coconut oil adds a subtly sweet taste to brushing but has not been proven to be more effective than normal toothpaste. We recommend flossing with coconut oil for improved cleaning or adding a few drops to other oral care agents like fluoride toothpaste or baking soda.

Essential Oils

Essential oils offer antibacterial and antifungal properties that can help prevent plaque buildup and tartar buildup. They may also help to prevent common dental care health problems like canker sores, gum disease, and surface stains. If you really like the mint flavor of conventional toothpaste, try adding a few drops of tea tree oil or peppermint oil to your DIY toothpaste recipe.

Always make sure to apply essential oils in combination with a carrier oil such as avocado oil or organic coconut oil. This with help to prevent skin irritation as essential oils are highly concentrated organic ingredients.

Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is the latest craze in the American organic toothpaste industry. Activated charcoal is mainly used to treat poisonings as the charcoal is highly absorbent. The charcoal can be made from a variety of sources, but most toothpaste uses coconut shells for use in toothpaste.

Activated charcoal is best used for removing surface stains. The natural ingredient won’t help to remove deep, set-in stains caused by overuse of fluoride, weak enamel, or trauma. However, it can help to remove surface stains caused by dark foods and beverages such as coffee and wine.

Charcoal toothpaste should be used sparingly as the charcoal may scratch the enamel. People with sensitive teeth should also monitor use as the gritty texture may cause pain.

Sea Salt

Sea salt is a popular toothpaste ingredient that helps to prevent cavities and gently remove plaque buildup from the surface of teeth. Salt also stimulates the production of saliva, which contains vitamins and minerals that help to clean and protect teeth. It’s a good idea to apply sea salt with other ingredients like coconut oil to help minimize the abrasiveness of the ingredient. Make your own toothpaste with no fluoride or opt for one of the sea salt options from Tom’s of Maine or Weleda.

Aloe Vera

Research shows that aloe vera contains vitamins and anti-inflammatory ingredients that work to protect oral health. Studies showed when aloe is used as a tooth gel, it can help to prevent gingivitis and periodontitis (1). Aloe vera also offers the perfect consistency for a base ingredient in homemade toothpaste. The gel combines well with oils and powdered ingredients like salt and baking soda to help clean teeth with a traditional toothpaste feel.

Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay is another great ingredient for achieving a similar consistency to conventional toothpaste. The clay helps to balance the pH level of your mouth to prevent the growth of bacteria. This clay also helps to gently remove plaque but is less abrasive than activated charcoal or baking soda.

pexels photo 298611Using All Natural Toothpastes

The best toothpastes feature natural ingredients that help improve your breath and prevent plaque buildup and tooth decay. Natural toothpastes don’t have to sacrifice that minty flavor you love. Try adding a few essential oils to your favorite toothpaste to achieve that minty, tingling sensation.

If you want to switch to natural products for your tooth-brushing needs, look for formulas that are SLS free, don’t contain foaming agents, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, or artificial colors.

It’s always a good idea to talk to your dentist when making your own natural toothpaste or trying to decide which one to buy. A dentist can help you understand all the important ingredients and how well they’ll work together to clean your mouth and freshen breath.



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